DenimBlog Reviews ONVIS Jeans

Who are Onvis Denim?

Onvis denim was a concept brand developed in the late 2000s by an Italian design team. The concept was that a single pair of jeans would be worn by some brave soul, then after a certain period of time that pair’s natural look would be replicated into a limited edition line.

I must say this is a little hard to follow but ultimately an interesting idea!

Sadly, Onvis Denim closed its doors in a few years ago.

Finding Onvis Denim Today

Though they’ve been out of business for a few years, Onvis still has a bit of a cult following. If you are a part of that cult — or just have a little interest in what’s out there — check out the following…

1. FOLKS: An online retailer that still carries Onvis

The original spot for all resale online, Ebay still does very well with designer denim in general. The link above takes you right to the AG section.

2. Check out Onvis Jeans on Poshmark

We are huge Poshmark fans for their easy to use interface and focus on customer service. Their Onvis collection is a little limited, but you can always find great jeans at awesome prices here.

Similar to Onvis jeans

Onvis was known for its raw denim and Italian style. If that’s what you are looking for, here are some similar jeans worth checking out

Diesel Krooley Joogjeans

Diesel Krooley Joogjeans


Who says Diesel isn’t cool anymore? The OG cool denim brand still has a great collection and killer style


Nudie Jeans Skinny Lin Super

Nudie Jeans Skinny Lin Super

Nudie Jeans

Another great raw denim brand, Nudie has been bringing excellent style and Euro design to premium denim for years .

Shop for Nudie Jeans on ASOS