Denim Review: Paige Lennox Skinny in Black Shadow

I have been wanting to try the Lennox cut from Paige since they have been released being that they are their skinniest cut to date for men. I am always intrigued when a brand states they are releasing a skinnier than skinny cut for men. After I got them, though not the skinniest, I could not say that I was disappointed with them when I put them on and in their new TRANSCEND fabric, they were just taken to a new level that exceeded my expectations.

I took the jeans in my usual size, which is a 28, and they fit just perfectly at the waist. I did not expect these to be as super skinny as on Harry Styles, but they do fit as they look on the model on their website. The style is fitted down the leg, but with a bit of slouch from the straight cut.

They are a bit lengthy on me, but that was something that I expected as well because of my height. It is not something that is a major ordeal and can easily be fixed with a cuff if needed. The fit overall is a classic well fitting cut that I actually appreciate as it has always been hard for me to find a classic cut that is slim enough to fit well.

The feeling of the Black Shadow wash that I am reviewing here just can’t be beat, I mean you truly can’t beat the softness of these jeans. They even beat sweatpants, in my opinion, with the level of comfort that they offer. It is pretty much the closest thing to silk against the skin without wearing silk. I will admit though that I was a bit hesitant with the idea of the TRANSCEND fabric on the men’s cut as from previous experience the combination of lightweight fabric with a soft hand together can cause an awkward bunching for me personally and slipping. These don’t though, they still bunch and crease just like your classic pair of jeans which just makes me appreciate them more. It definitely has me intrigued to see where they take this fabric in terms of distressing in the future.

The stretch to them is another high note, as they still hold their shape and go back into their original state if you were to do rigorous movement that would cause them to stretch out. I have done the latter like I always do with each pair that I review and they have definitely passed that test very well.

Overall, they are definitely a recommendation for me to any guy to try out because they just feel amazing. They even surpass their Baxter Joggers when it comes to feel. So if you thought those were the softest you had tried, think again. With the lightweight fabric and amazing feel, they will also make the perfect pair for the warmer weather that is around the corner. You can click here to get a pair from the Paige website for $179.

Jeans Courtesy of Paige