Rag And Bone Leather Pants Reviews [January 2020]

rag and bone skinny jeans

High Rise Skinny Leather Pant

Rag & Bone’s essential leather pants combine 100% lamb leather with a flattering slim cut.

$995.00 from Rag & Bone

This time I’m doing a review on the Rag & Bone’s The Skinny Leather Pants. I got these from Rag & Bone a few weeks ago and they are the first pair of leather pants that I have ever tried before.

I can’t compare them to others since I haven’t tried them, but I can compare them to faux leather and these are 100 times better.

I don’t think I’m being biased either as these are the first pair that I own and have no others as reference, my opinions on them are exactly how they make me feel and how they fit, how they look etc and they are honest. I hope you like the review! You can buy these leather pants online at Rag & Bone by clicking here.



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