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Denim Review: Rag & Bone The Skinny Leather Pants

rag and bone skinny jeans

High Rise Skinny Leather Pant

Rag & Bone’s essential leather pants combine 100% lamb leather with a flattering slim cut.

$995.00 from Rag & Bone

This time I’m doing a review on the Rag & Bone’s The Skinny Leather Pants. I got these from Rag & Bone a few weeks ago and they are the first pair of leather pants that I have ever tried before.

I can’t compare them to others since I haven’t tried them, but I can compare them to faux leather and these are 100 times better.

I don’t think I’m being biased either as these are the first pair that I own and have no others as reference, my opinions on them are exactly how they make me feel and how they fit, how they look etc and they are honest. I hope you like the review! You can buy these leather pants online at Rag & Bone by clicking here.

Rag & Bone The Skinny Leather Pants Lorna Burford



Denim Review Rag & Bone The Skinny Leather Pants DenimBlog Lorna

Getting to the fit of these Rag & Bone Leather skinny jeans in Washed Black, they are just like their skinny jeans that I have grown to love, like everyone else. I’ve never seen anyone look bad in a pair of Rag & Bone skinny jeans and I know numerous people agree with me on that too since they are so versatile. The fit for these leather pants is just like that, featuring a 30″ inseam and an 11″ leg opening with a mid rise. The back pockets are perfectly positioned, nice and central and not too big or too small, making sure they enhance the butt. They obviously have the classic 5 pocket style for a pant, which makes them literally like a leather version of a jean, even down to the coin pocket, so that’s why I love these so much. They have their little logo stitched on to the top right of the back right pocket too, just like a jean. Being the denim lover that I am and an addict of the skinny jean, a leather version of that is ideal. They even have a little line just under each knee, which almost gives them a very minimal biker appearance, but you barely notice it.




Black Skinny Leather Pants Rag & Bone

In terms of sizing, I’m usually a size 26, sometimes occasionally a 27 in the thicker denim, for Rag & Bone, but I was told to size down a whole size because the leather is so stretchy and will actually stretch out an entire size. Fit wise, taking a size 25 was a worry for me as I’m never that size in anything (other than a 7 For All Mankind gummy denim legging) and I was panicking that they wouldn’t fit me and I wouldn’t even be able to get them up over my hips, but I did. I got them on after a while of tugging and hiking them up in stages (like tights) and they did up. They are quite tight in the waist and do give me a severe muffin top, but they aren’t so tight that they are restricting and painful, it’s nothing I can’t handle until they stretch out.

I definitely recommend to you that you size down if you want them to fit nice and tight, like a skinny jean, otherwise if you get your normal size, within a few wears they will end up with a slouchy fit, more like a skinny boyfriend leather pant and to me (given the fact that’s not how they are meant to fit) doesn’t look so good unfortunately. I’m happy I’m breaking them in and I hope they don’t stretch out badly. I’ve worn them twice so far, for short periods of time, and they have only given a little bit so far, but they are definitely fitting a lot better.




Leather Pants Rag & Bone

Seeing as I hadn’t ever tried leather pants before (only leather jackets) I wasn’t sure if the leather itself was supposed to be quite thick or thin, but these are extremely thin. They are made from a lamb leather and lined with a 3% elastane fabric so the leather doesn’t touch your skin and it makes them super stretchy.

They really are so stretchy and comfortable you can lift your legs up or stretch in them without too much trouble and that’s because the actual leather itself is really thin, making it much more supple. It’s really soft and smooth too. Some leathers can feel quite grainy and not very nice as a texture, but you can rub your hands over these and they are silky smooth with a sheen to them, so the leather is a muted shiny leather, making them look quite sophisticated. Obviously as these are leather, you need to take them to a leather specialist for cleaning so you don’t damage the fabric.

In terms of the colour of the leather, it’s called Washed Black, but I would say it’s a nice, clean black. It’s not too dark and solid like a midnight black but it’s a black that’s sort of washed in a very minimal way. You can see from the photos that when the light shines on it it can look dark grey as the black isn’t too intense, but it’s definitely a versatile colour as it goes with everything, light or dark!




Rag & Bone Black Leather Pants Pockets

As I mentioned briefly up there that you can stretch and lift your legs up in these without problems, that’s true. They are extremely comfortable. I wasn’t sure how comfortable a pair of leather pants would be because I imagined them to be quite restricting and hot, but I was pleasantly surprised. The thinness of the leather makes them so comfortable to the point that you can sit and lay around in them without any discomfort at all. The only problem at the moment is the waist being quite tight, but it’s only temporary and will stretch within no time. I would say that these are as comfy as super stretchy skinny jeans or possibly even more comfortable though. If that explains it.




lace up silk shirt with tight black leather pants

When it comes to styling, these work just the same as black skinny jeans. I know there can be a lot of stigma with leather pants where people think they can look cheap and trashy, and I agree, they can, but I think it depends entirely on what you wear them with and what kind of leather pants they are. As these aren’t patent or super shiny, they are muted enough to be fashionable and wearable. I can see these being dressed up with blouses and heels like I’ve worn here or even with a denim jacket or shirt and some sneakers. There have been so many ways in which the celebs have worn leather pants, both smart and casual, the list is endless. I plan on wearing these with an oversize denim shirt and some ankle boots as well as with a shirt and blazer. I can’t wait! I’ve even got a baggy sweater to wear them with too. Just wear them exactly how you would wear a pair of black skinny jeans and you wont have any problems!




raye burgundy strap heels

My overall opinion on these Rag & Bone Skinny Leather Pants in Washed Black, as I’m sure you guessed, is a positive one. I do have two negative points to say though:

– One is the fact that because they are leather, and treated, they do have quite an intense leather smell to them and as I’m sensitive to strong smells, it can be a bit over powering, but I know leather scent fades over time and they are getting a lot better as the days go by. The more wear they get the more they wont smell, so I’m focusing on that.

– Two is because the leather is so thin, you do have to be careful with what underwear you choose with these. I had regular style underwear on (Victoria Secret bikini or cheeky panties, I can’t remember) and the lines do show through in the leather at the back and on the side, as I’m sure you have already noticed, so I would say you need to either wear thongs or seamless style knickers.

Everything else, in terms of fit, details, leather and comfort, it’s all a plus. I love these and I can’t wait to wear them endlessly! Have any of you got these and what do you think of leather pants? You can buy these leather pants online at Rag & Bone by clicking here.

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