Denim Review: Rag & Bone Miramar Pajama Jeans

My denim review this week is on the highly sought after Rag & Bone Miramar Pajama jeans. We have already seen these on a few celebs and bloggers and I can see them being pretty popular as the months go on. They are also being released in various washes now, well, I should say prints, but these are the original Miramars. You can read my review on these below.

I want to start by speaking about the concept of these pants first because they are insanely cool! They are literally a sweat pant (made from 100% terry cotton), but they have a jean printed on top of the sweat pant, creating a faux jean look. The print is based off their popular men’s fit and it’s so well done that if you don’t look closely, you actually think these are jeans. They have fooled my eyes numerous times when looking at them, even though I know in my mind they aren’t real! That’s how effective the printing is. The shadowing is done so well that the pocket stitching, belt loops and button etc all stand out to look 3D! I tried to take a lot of close up photos for you so you can see just what I mean. They look identical to a real pair of jeans, yet you just pull them on like a sweat pant and the inside of them is sweat pant material. In terms of pockets, all of the printed pockets are of course faux, however these do have 2 pockets on the side of the pants as you can see in the photos, those are functioning, but those are the only two pockets they have.

Moving onto the sizing and fit, I got sent these in size M which is apparently a 28-29, or a very loose 27, however I think I would have benefited much more from a size S. These are really loose on me and quite baggy, I think they look much sleeker with a bit more of a slimmer fit more so than a baggy one. My usual Rag & Bone size is a 27 and that usually fits me quite snuggly, if you want to go on reference. I would say a 27 should probably be an S for a slimmer fit. Since these are not denim, I can’t comment on the quality of the fabric, however they are quite thick and sturdy and feel like a very well made sweat pant. The inseam is about 29″ and the rise is 11″, so with the dropped crotch, making these sit on my hips, the inseam is probably like 32″.

The printed wash of these pants is very pretty though, it’s a really rusty, muddy, dirty, washed out blue which looks like it’s been dragged through a lot and worn in for years. A mans working jean if he’s a builder, mechanic or something of the sort. I really like it as it’s quite different to some of the washes out on the market today.

Now that I have got my amazement with the idea of these jeans out the way, my next part is actually a criticism to do with the fit. I’m sure you have already looked at the photos and thought that these are not flattering on me at all, that’s exactly how I feel. Since I am a girl that’s all about fit when it comes to denim, it pains me to say that these fit me really badly. Not only are they too long, but the back pocket print is so wide apart and huge that it completely hides my butt entirely and doesn’t look flattering to the eye.

Speaking of the length though, I have shown them pulled up to mid calf as well as at full length and on someone shorter like myself, I do think these look better with the cropped appearance because they bunch quite a lot at the ankle otherwise and coupled with the baggy fit, it just swamps me. I have quite a small frame in general really, so I feel like these are overwhelming on me. They aren’t so bad from the front when pulled up at the hem, but from behind, I just really don’t like them. I never wear men’s jeans in general due to not liking how they fit me and since these are based off a mans jean, that would be why I don’t like the appearance from behind. I’m not sure if having these in size S would make me like them a little better as they would be slimmer and slightly more fitted, but since the back pocket placement is literally the very first thing I look for in jeans, these really don’t work for me in that area. It’s such a shame because considering how cool these are, I really wanted to love them!

If you aren’t too worried about a flattering fit like I am and you just want something comfortable to wear around home or to run errands, then these will definitely work for you, but for me, due to being incredibly fussy and focused on fit, they aren’t right for me. If I could have a wish, it would be that Rag & Bone release sweat pants that are skinny, or slightly slouchy and tapered, then the print on top would be based off of their The Skinny fit for women because the concept is amazing. The Skinny jean is so flattering, it’s one of my favourites, so that printed on a skinny sweat pant would be perfect! So, Rag & Bone, if you are reading this, I would be honoured if you might take that into consideration! I’m sure they would be a huge hit! Out of interest though, what do you readers think of these and have you tried them? Buy these jeans online at their website by clicking here.

Written by Lorna Burford, opinions all my own. Jeans courtesy of Rag & Bone.