Updated Denim Review: Citizens of Humanity Rocket Leatherette in Black

I thought it would be a good idea to do an updated review on these Citizens of Humanity Rocket Leatherette jeans in Black. I did my original review on these when I got them back in October, but they quickly became a favourite of mine and I have worn them countless times since.

In terms of stretching out, these jeans have barely stretched out at all. I don’t mean that they are not a stretchy fabric, they definitely are, they are like elastic and really mould to the body, But I mean they haven’t stretched out permanently and remained baggy or looser fitting. I have probably worn them about 10 times now, with full days wear each time, and they still fit as skinny as they did when I first put them on. They may have given a little in the waist, but that’s more due to the fact they have moulded to my body shape more than anything. They do retain their shape really well and I love that about them. I have included 3 different outfits in the gallery below, I did also wear them for Halloween with my cat outfit, but I didn’t include those pictures in this review.

The coating is still there in full form as well. I was expecting it to maybe fade a little or crack, but it hasn’t. It’s doing really well in terms of staying, however I am yet to wash them, so I hope it still stays intact after I do wash them. The coating hasn’t lost any of its shine either, I thought they might dull down a little after being worn a lot, but they haven’t, they are still incredibly shiny and much like leather.

My biggest plus with these jeans though it the comfort. I can literally wear them all day without feeling restricted, claustrophobic, annoyed or uncomfortable. They are very much like a thick, heavily coated legging, so they stretch out and in every time you move. They move with your body, a lot like a pair of regular cotton leggings do. I wore them for the entire day when I went to London for press visits, which included 2 hours travel there, walking and taxis and then 2 hours travel back home and I was fine the entire time. So if you are looking for a comfortable jean then these are one of the top on my list.

So many celebs have been caught in the Citizens of Humanity Rocket Leatherette jeans, mostly the black shade, but we have seen the red as well. I can definitely understand why we are seeing lots of celebs wearing them. They look incredibly stylish, they are very versatile as they are black and the comfort level is perfect. I honestly can’t find anything wrong with these and they are now in my top 5 pairs of jeans that I own.

Since they are higher rise as well, it makes them great for winter. I don’t usually like high rise jeans, but they hide any muffin top and you can wear your longer sweaters over the top so the rise doesn’t show. Plus they keep you warm as there is more fabric to cover your upper hip area. The slight scent they had to them in the beginning has almost gone now as well. I love these so much that I plan on investing in a pair of the lacquer red colour! Burgundy is one of my favourites! Buy these online at Shopbop for $229.