9 Reasons ’90s Denim Ruled

Why do we think the ’90s we’re one of the best and most iconic decades for denim? Denim ruled the ’90s whether it was on the runway or in your every day look, denim was EVERYWHERE, and it was cool. From TV to models, denim was done right and it was in every clothing piece imaginable (see above photo). Click below to see our 9 reasons that ’90s denim ruled!

1. It was incorporated into the fanciest of looks

2. It Was the Uniform of Every Character in Your Favorite TV Shows

3. Overalls We’re So Fly

4. It Was Not Only Fashionable, It Was Sexy

5. …And Iconic

6. It Was The Main Element in the “Grunge” Look

7. …And it Was Worn By Your Favorite “Grunge” Band

8. Even the Most Unflattering Fits Were Super Cute

9. Because Everyone Was Wearing it and it Set the Tone for the Future of Denim Fashion

What’s your favorite ’90s denim trend?