Best Flat Shoes For Ankle Jeans

Ankle Peg skinny jeans came on the scene quite some time ago and have been here to stay. They work as a perfect option for both the tall and petite ladies as they can be worn as full length jeans on shorter legs and cropped jeans on the longer legs, all the while acting as the classic ankle peg length intended on the medium length legs. They are a great all round jean. What can be difficult with these jeans though and their length is finding the right flat shoes to go with them. I noticed something very intriguing on the runways during Fashion Week the past couple of weeks and that’s the return of flat shoes. I’m so used to seeing heels on the catwalks, but a lot of brands this time either sent flat shoes down the runway or shorter, thicker heels.

I have put together a post featuring loads of different shoes here, from classic and casual flats to the more quirky ones and ankle boots, there is literally something for everyone! What I find most important with flats though is comfort. I have very sensitive feet and am prone to blisters and rubbing on my heels, so having a pair of flats which are soft on my feet is a must for me. The shoes that come to mind when thinking about comfort are definitely the Tory Burch Eddie flats and the Bloch Ballet flats. These two are amazing as they have elasticated backs and are very comfortable since they mould to the foot. However, to keep things fashionable, I have put together some very on trend styles as well as some classics to go with your ankle peg skinny jeans! After all, you can now wear socks with your flats to stop rubbing if you need to. I wear Keysocks all the time and find them amazing as you can’t see them!


Classic Flats

Tory Burch | Marais USA | Sam Edelman
Tory Burch | Tory Burch | Sam Edelman
Tory Burch | Loeffler Randall
Tory Burch | Loeffler Randall | Yosi Samra
Melissa | Marais USA | 3.1 Philip Lim

I find classic flat shoes such a great option for ankle peg jeans, purely because they show off the jeans in full and you can get some gorgeous styles. So many are muted in tones of black, brown and nude and make the jeans the focal point of the outfit. I love wearing these type of flat shoes with blazers too as they smarten the look up.


Quirky Flats

Marc by Marc Jacobs | Chiara Ferragni | Marc by Marc Jacobs
Kenzo | Jimmy Choo | Penelope Chelvers
Giuseppe Zanotti | Lanvin | Loeffler Randall
F Troupe | Lanvin | Marc by Marc Jacobs
Vans | Topshop | Marc by Marc Jacobs

Quirky flats are a little more on the fun side and work really well if you want a statement making outfit. I can see these worn best with printed or brightly coloured jeans and a sweater to give you that retro 80’s vibe.


Casual Flats

TOMS | Converse
TOMS | Converse
Vans | Lanvin
Superga | New Look

Casual flats are something that I live in when I am running errands, especially TOMS! I find them so comfortable and because they are slim, they don’t make your feet look too chunky or bulky. I Find the likes of Converse and similar styles to make my feet look big against the skinny jeans, but that’s purely because I have big feet and am shorter, the ladies with smaller feet or longer legs look great in them!


Brogues & Boat Shoes

Sperry | Debenhams | Pour La Victoire
Sperry | Lucky Brand | Loeffler Randall
DSW | Marc by Marc Jacobs | House of Harlow 1960
Macy’s | Giuseppe Zanotti | Tory Burch

Now these are so stylish with skinny jeans! I love seeing brogues, boat shoes, slippers and oxfords with a skinny ankle jean that have a cuff. I think that really adds to the overall look. There are so many options to choose from here though. You have classics and you have the bold styles, so you can add that bit of class to any look.


Flat Boots

Converse | Nike
Gienchi | Sam Edelman
Lanvin | Sam Edelman

Finally, we have the ankle boots. These are a favourite of mine too, especially the smarter Sam Edelman style ankle boots. These can look amazing when worn with a cuffed jean! I also love high tops too as they give that casual vibe to your outfit, but they still look great with the ankle jeans on shorter legs as they tuck into them.

Written by Lorna Burford