Denim Colored Hair


You’ll never believe this new trend in hair color…


(photos via: Glamris, Pravana, Modern Salon,  Vivid Hair Creations)

Denim has followed in the shadows of every type of trend whether it’s trench coats, skirts, gauchos or even handbags. This particular trend, on the other hand, is inspired by denim and following in its footsteps. Denim lovers, I give you DENIM COLORED HAIR.

It’s not a texture, style or fit trend, it’s a trend solely based on the beautiful color of denim and all of its best shades. Colored hair has taken the world by storm and colors are popping up in every color from hot pink to the literal rainbow. It’s a fun way of expression, accessory and style and denim colored hair is the perfect way for us denim lovers to pay tribute to our favorite fabric.

As you can see from the many AMAZING styles above, every type of wash and hue of indigo have made it onto hair and these are a few of the examples. I’m particularly loving the light shade of blue, going for the sort of “washed out” look. It’s always been a favorite of mine in denim and it looks equally as amazing on hair. The deep, dark blues are beautiful as well and just like denim, appear black but give off a beautiful blue tint in certain light. Which denim color would you rock on your hair?