Denim Review: SOLD Design Lab Skinny

So this is my debut review! SOLD Design lab offered these to me for a review and I thought to myself that I might as well start doing reviews and hopefully you like this review. I am normally a trouser jean type of person because I have large thighs and many jeans give me leg sausage. They originally were going to send me a pair of their new trousers, but I got these pull on skinnys instead. These skinnys are from their Spring and Summer Look book and they are called Spring Street Skinny in IRS.

The fit of these pull on skinnys is exactly what you would expect from pull on jeans, they are basically like a jegging and super stretchy. They have no zipper just a button closure at the top, pretty much like the same jeans that Lorna reviewed from them here. I’ve had J Brand 901 leggings on Sable and these aren’t quite as stretchy or as soft as those, but I like that about them, they have more of a “jean” type of feeling to them rather than soft pajamas. I wore these on Thanksgiving and they were great because after a HUGE supper I still felt comfortable in them. In fact, I even wore them two days later again, which is rare for me to wear a pair of jeans twice in a week.

The wash is a plain dark blue, which I prefer for skinnys. The darker color looks better on my thighs and the clean wash gives them a dressier look. I was unsure about the back pockets at first because smaller pockets make my behind look even larger. They are placed very well though and I think that helps to even it out a bit. The inseam was nice because they were long enough to stack a little bit if I wanted to wear heels instead of boots, but the material is thin enough so that if you cuffed them and tucked them into boots the extra material would not bother you. They fit SO well under boots too, that is probably one of the main reasons I love to wear them, they are skin tight and boots slide on very smoothly over them.

I’m 5’7″ and normally wear a 31/32 in jeans and I got these in size Large. I’d have to say for skinnys they definitely have me SOLD! You can buy SOLD Design Lab jeans here from Singer22 and here from Revolve.