Denim Zero From Replay

As part of the FC Barcelona sponsorship project, Replay has launched Replay DENIM Zero┬░, created to offer the players extremely original, casual and exclusive apparel.

The technique involves treating the jeans using pressurised ice crystals over the denim to remove the indigo from the surface. This eco-­friendly method transforms raw denim into a product with an authentic worn look. Created after following in-­depth research, Denim Zero is a new low environmental impact technology offering significant energy savings and a 90% reduction in water consumption.

The Two men’s styles feature 12 oz. dark blue denim with five pocket models in this innovative finish. We have the Waitom, a regular slim with a regular waist and straight leg, and the Anbass, with a close fit on the thigh, tapering slightly towards the foot. For women, the low waisted 11 oz. model Rose has been chosen, in elasticised denim with a sexy slim it. You can see the three styles in the gallery below and watch the video on how they are made above.