Dip Dye Ombre Denim Shirts

Ombre or dip dye denim shirts have to be one of my favourite trends of the moment. I think they are so fun and they are a much more inventive and bold take on the classic denim shirt.

I saw this one (above) at River Island in the men’s department about 3 weeks ago and I thought it was beautiful. It doesn’t bother me at all that it’s not a women’s shirt, I don’t really mind what sex my clothes are made for as long as they look and fit me good, it’s fine. I think this one is probably one of the best ones I have seen though. I love the fact that the blue is so intense and bright, it’s definitely more fun and I can tell I am going to be wearing it for a long time. It also comes in a darker blue, more purple, combination, which I think is more classic, but not as fun.

Kate Bosworth was recently spotted in an ombre denim shirt too. Hers was a more paler version (images 4, 5 and 6) and she paired it with a pair of jeans. I sort of like the fact that her shirt (which I think is 7 For All Mankind’s shirt in image 9) has a bleached look on the bottom. Like it was just dipped in bleach and left to spread. I think it’s more versatile and classic than the one I own, but as you know I am more about fun and bold colours really.

Andy from Style Scrapbook did an amazing version of an ombre denim shirt herself. Her DIY is gallery images 7 and 8 and you can see she only dip dyed the sleeves, which I think is a very interesting take on the trend. I love it! You can see her full post here. It definitely makes me want to try doing a DIY myself actually.

So what is your take on the ombre denim shirts trend? Do you like it? My River Island shirt is available for purchase here and the 7 For All Mankind shirt is available to buy here.

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Images courtesy of Lorna Burford, INFdaily.com, Pacificcoastnews.com, StyleScrapbook.com & 7ForAllMankind.com.