Distressed Leather Jeans


J Brand Mid-Rise Distressed Leather Pants

Distressing has been popular on jeans for decades now and over the last 10 years or so, I would say it’s been a prominent part of denim, with most styles featuring some amount of distressing or rips on them somewhere. It adds to that casual sense of simplicity and it adds to the effect of the wash, making them look worn and used, mostly in a natural way.

With leather pants becoming a staple in a lot of premium denim brands collections and more and more people opting for their own styles, it was only fitting that the trends in denim follow suit. We have seen ankle zips and hip zips transition into leather already, just like denim, as well as more colours and detailing, so it comes as no surprise to me to see distressed leather jeans on the market right now.

Brands like J Brand and RtA have released their take on distressed leather pants, creating rips and tears around the knees, giving them that worn out and used feel that jeans often resemble. I was really intrigued as to how they managed to get these kinds of rips in their leather pants as obviously leather isn’t made up of the same fibers as denim is, but it looks like the brands have cut holes in the leather and distressed the lining underneath the pants or added a little ripped denim at the knees, creating a very similar effect to jeans.

With the distressing being done that way, I think there’s no end to the designs and unique styles that leather pants can take on. I can see some brands bringing out styles with slashes all up the thighs and some even creating more distressing all over as well. It will be interesting to see if anyone takes on multiple trends in one though and combines moto leather pants with zips, distressing and rips. I’ve included some options to buy in this post along with a couple of styling images too, so be sure to click this post!


RtA Dylan Black Leather Distressed Jeans


J Brand Distressed Leather Pants in Demented Black


RtA Distressed Leather Dylan Jeans in White

Above I have featured 4 distressed leather jeans which are trending at the moment and have just came out, three of which are black, but there is one white pair available from RtA which we recently spotted Kourtney Kardashian wearing. I think these are cute because the white makes them more feminine and the zippers add to the detailing of them. I’m pretty sure this trend is going to catch on more and more and we will be seeing a lot of fashion bloggers and celebrities opting for distressed leather jeans. Hopefully we get to blog someone in one of these black pairs soon!

Kourtney Kardashian RtA Dylan Destroyed Leather Pants White 2

Elle magazine and a couple of street style photographers have snapped distressed or ripped leather pants during Fashion Week, so fingers crossed we get more and more. I think it’s a great trend and I’m wondering what else they can take from denim to add to leather pants. Maybe patchwork or prints might come into play at some point. I’d love to know what you think of distressed leather pants?