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Do You Male Readers Prefer Distressed Or Plain Jeans?

I have noticed recently when I am looking online at denim that not many brands actually release distressed and ripped styles for men. Distressing is a huge part of women’s jeans, and I remember some years ago that it used to be really popular among the men’s denim as well. Brands like Diesel would be over populated with ripped styles and washes like 71J, 73J, 772 etc, which were insanely popular, they were some of the all time favourites.

When I was browsing the Diesel website earlier though, I noticed that there isn’t one pair of distressed jeans for men on there… Times have really changed. In fact, when I was looking for a distressed pair of jeans to do the collage above, I had a tough time coming up with one.

My thoughts towards this have varied a lot. I got to thinking that maybe brands see men’s denim differently to women’s. Men in general are more likely to wear their jeans a lot longer and a lot more than women are and perhaps distressed jeans would just wear out too quickly. Then I thought that maybe men wear their jeans a lot harder and rougher than women do, so will probably end up creating their own holes or putting their foot right through one when pulling the jeans on (I’ve done this myself).

Then I got to thinking that maybe the times have changed and men just don’t like distressed jeans as much as they used to, or the simple fact that designers have changed their way of thinking and have changed the times, even if guys still like the distressing. There are many many things that it could be, but my point to this post was to find out whether or not you guys prefer distressed denim over plain washes? And are you sad that they are really hard to come by now?

I know a lot of the times when I have a gorgeous pair of ripped jeans, either from AG or Rag & Bone, my boyfriend will ask me if the same wash exists for guys and I always have to tell him that unfortunately it doesn’t and he’s left disappointed. He genuinely loves the washes that Rag & Bone come up with and I agree, they have some beautiful ones, but it’s a shame they don’t come in men’s cuts. I know recently they did release two ripped styles, so I truly hope they make more in the near future!

But brands in general, they definitely seem to have a more plain men’s line in comparison to women’s. I’m not saying that the non distressed jeans are no good, some of them are incredibly beautiful and look really nice on, it’s just that I miss seeing the more ripped styles for guys. I know men love denim just as much as us girls do, sometimes even more, so I would definitely love to get your thoughts on whether or not you would like more inventive styles, just like they do for the ladies? Comment and let me know!

Written by Lorna Burford