Editors Top 5 Denim Trends

I thought it would be good to put together a post showcasing my top denim trends of the moment. I am obviously a fan of more than just 5 denim trends, but I picked my top 5 just for jeans. This is including prints and fabrics, not trends like studded denim, flares or denim shirts etc, just aesthetic trends.

These are in no particular order either as I couldn’t possibly pick what trend is my absolute favourite. Although, if I was forced to, I might say that dip dye/ombre takes the lead for me. You can check out my favourite trends below! These are all styles that have been really popular among the celebs and denim lovers in general, so you should be able to associate very well with them.

I absolutely love leopard print! I think it’s so much fun as it’s really bold and fearless. The leopard print jeans remind me a lot of being daring and courageous when it comes to denim. Plus, I love cats, so the leopard print is very much suited for that reason alone. I think when an outfit involving this gorgeous print is kept neutral everywhere else, it works so well because the jeans make a statement on their own. My favourite shade for this trend would have to be grey or brown, I like the more classic looks the most. It’s more appealing to me than neons or bright colours, I find those to look a bit off. Are you a fan of leopard print too?

Now this one, like I said above, might possibly be my favourite trend! Not just for denim, but of all time. When ombre is done just right, it looks amazing. The perfect pair for me would be dark blue which has a medium blue transition in the middle and then it fades into a much lighter blue or white. I find that to be perfect! However I’m also a big fan when it’s really dark with a medium blue transition or even grey into white.

I also love bright colours in ombre too like reds and pinks. There is just something about this trend that I love, it might be because you get to have two or more shades of denim in one and it makes the jeans really interesting and nice to look at. I own quite a lot of dip dye pieces and I’m still obsessed with needing more!

Coated and waxed jeans have been a favourite of mine for a couple of years now. The trend still remains strong with brands releasing their take on it each season and I love it! Coated red or black skinny jeans are my favourite, I think any other colour isn’t as nicely done, however still looks ok. The black and the red though, they look really stylish and are the easiest colours to wear in my opinion.

The best thing about coated jeans is how much more they dress up an outfit. If you wore a black blazer with black skinny jeans, a white blouse and heels, it would look smart, but I think if you switched the black jeans for coated black skinnies, it gives the ensemble that little bit more of an edge to it, it makes it stand out more and gives the impression of confidence. You can do a lot with coated jeans! They just give that oomph to an otherwise basic pair.

Who doesn’t love coloured denim? I’ve been in awe of this trend for many years. I’ve always liked making my outfits colourful and bright, so using jeans to help do that is definitely a huge hit in my book. I’m a big fan of the neon skinny jeans trend, not so much the pastel tones as they are a bit too pale for me, but the bolder and brighter hues are my personal favourites.

The colours I go for the most would be pinks, reds and purples, I seem to drift towards them often, however I do like changing it up and wearing bright yellow or orange, that’s always interesting! I think coloured denim just makes your personality seem a little more playful to an outsider. In my personal opinion it shows you might not take yourself too seriously and love colour. I know loads of people are a fan of this trend, including many celebs. Do you love it too?

Now polka dot is my favourite print on jeans! I was thinking to myself, which one should I pick between polka dot, floral or random prints, but polka dot takes it for me. I love the retro vibe that it gives off and how much fun you can have with them! Believe it or not, the print is actually much more versatile than you might think.

I’m not sure if I would dress it up, perhaps I might if I had a black pair, but the coloured pairs are the most easiest to wear during the day for casual or semi-casual wear. They add a lot of character and life to your outfit and you just need to throw on a t-shirt and flats and it will already look bold and statement making. I find mine to be the easiest to wear when I want something extra, but don’t want to go over the top creating my look. So, what are some of your favourite trends? Comment and let me know!

Written by Lorna Burford