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More Ways to Wear Chambray

Chambray; it never goes out of style and is always reinventing itself. I love seeing new trends with fabric and now there seems to be more and more accessories using the fabric as well. It’s light weight and unlike other fabrics, looks great in any form of clothing. Since we are well into Spring, I thought it would be nice to revisit the Chambray trend and give you some new ways to incorporate it into you wardrobe other than your typical button up.

Chambray Rompers and Dresses

These two items were a hot Coachella commodity and I wanted to really highlight them. Although they are not exactly new on the scene, the styles evolve as the season progress making it exciting every time a new piece enters the scene. I love how some of these pieces have accents such as embroidery, belts and prints, stepping up that Chambray romper/dress game. Wear these with some gladiators or some boots, a cardigan and hat and you’re giving off those Spring Fling vibes.

DEX Chambray Cap-Sleeve Dress
chambray sunstitch tunic dress
Tommy Hilfiger Greda Sleeveless Dress
chambray hopskip romper
Cap Sleeve Cross Romper

Chambray shoes

That’s right folks, Chambray SHOES. I guess I never really realized how many shoes actually come in Chambray, but I’m loving it. To me, it screams Americana and makes you feel like you fit right in at the Hamptons (well your feet do, at least). All these pups are great for that cool, casual Spring look and will pair great with anything.

(Check out Vans, Keds and Toms)

Chambray Accessories

Can’t get enough Chambray? Try putting it on your neck, back or head! They’ve really thought of everything with this one. My favorite? The Vans Chambray hat, it’s super cute backwards with shorts and a tee.

Chambray Sheets
Chambray Dot Scarf
Chambray Vans Hat
Leather Wrap Bracelet Normandy Chambray
Chambray Bandana Scarf
Chambray Bow Tie

Chambray Outfit Inspiration

To bring this post to a close I thought I’d end with a stylish Spring outfit that you can incorporate your chambray button up into, to switch up the look of the shirt a little bit. This tank comes with the tie built into the design but you can easily tie your Chambray top in that closet of yours the same way. Full skirts are EVERYTHING this year and look great with a classic heel. Rock this to a brunch with your girlfriends or a night out on the town, no matter what you got the Spring time style going on!