Skinny Jeans For Men

Skinny jeans for men have come a long way since the trend kicked off over 5 years ago. Yes, it has been a staple for many for that long. The fit is not as generic as it was before. Now the styles come in a range of fits between straight to super slim and in an array of colors as well as prints now. I have put together some great fits and washes for you guys from the new 2013 collections.

The Fits:

J Brand|Diesel|Joe’s Jeans

Everyone has their version of the skinny jean. Some are not so skinny compared to others and some run tighter for that smaller guy. Who wants to be swamped in their jeans anyway? J Brand have their Kane fit, which is popular amongst just about every guy. Another popular one is the Diesel Thavar. Countless guys rave about these and the great part about these is that you can choose the length of the jeans. So if you are not model height, Diesel have got you covered. Last is a personal favorite of mine, the Joe’s Jeans Super Slim. These are not the slimmest on me, but they are not baggy, which I like.


The Classic Blue:

James Jeans|Nudie Jeans|J. Crew

The classic blue is a pair that every man should have. They are a staple that can be worn numerous ways to about every occasion. What is great about the classic blue is that you can find one in every price range. James gave their blue subtle fading and whiskering with tonal stitching to keep them looking clean. Nudie, known for their raw and worn in washes, has a medium blue with fading throughout. If you are looking for that perfect clean pair with no added detail, J. Crew have got you covered. They have a slim pair that is a classic rinsed blue that can take you from a meeting to a night out.


The Colors:

Joe’s Jeans|J Brand|Rag & Bone

Over the past few years men’s fashion has evolved quite a bit. Men are starting to venture into new realms for their classics; same fit, but now in color. Joe’s and J Brand kept theirs subtle by washing out the colors to give them a lived in look. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Rag & Bone. The past season they released their staple RB15x in pastels and currently have them in rich winter tones.


The Prints:

J Brand|J Brand|Rag & Bone

Like previously stated, men’s fashion is growing into new realms. Just like colors, men are starting to venture out into prints. The most popular at the moment is camouflage. Both J Brand and Rag & Bone have released their own interpretation of the print. J Brand waxed their version while Rag & Bone pixelated theirs. Camo isn’t the only chosen print. J Brand prepped their Tyler by making them in a blue plaid.

With all the choices this season, which are your favorite(s)? Which one will you guys be wearing this year and ladies, which one do you hope to see your men in?