The Colour Block Trend

The colour block trend is one that has been slowly creeping up over the past year and is now in full force. I originally started seeing some of the colour block jeans when I was at the SS13 press days in October last year and I definitely liked what I saw! I think the trend looks great when it’s done well and can give a pair of jeans a completely new look.

My favourite colour block look is a different colour on the back to the front, with a contrasted waistband, much like the left pair in the main image above, however I do like the really intriguing ones that MiH have come out with where they change shade half way down the leg. My only worry with those however is they could make your legs look short if you are on the petite side. I also love the pair from Frankie B. below with the contrast on each leg, I think that looks amazing!

I don’t think this is going to be a trend that is here to stay, I’m pretty certain it’s just going to be really popular for the time being and will fade out over the coming seasons, but as of now, I do really like it. I think it’s very trendy and inventive, so I have listed some styles that are on sale at the moment which you can buy. What do you think of the trend? Do you like it? I would love to know your opinion on it in a comment below!

You may remember these two pairs from MiH from my SS13 press day post that I published last year. I usually find MiH to be a very classic brand, so the fact that they had come out with a colour block jean, I knew it was going to be a popular trend.

Below are some of my favourite colour block styles on sale at the moment!

Frankie B. Duet Skinny in The Blues

MiH Breathless Skinny in J Street

Koral Block Skinny in White & Black

Genetic Denim The Shya in Prix

Paige Emily Ultra Skinny in Vintage Red/Pink

Paige Emily Ultra Skinny in Cloud/White

MiH Breathless Skinny in A Street

Written by Lorna Burford