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Tight Jeans On Men Could Be A Hazard?

I think that the topic of men and their jeans worn tight is an interesting topic. This is because there is always so much controversy and questions surrounding it. It seems like the questions never get answered. There are issues that people have and arguments they will enter because they just do not like you in tight pants, jeans specifically.

The two main topics when it comes to men and their tight wearing ways:

ÔÇó Sperm Count or Infertility
ÔÇó Wearing Womens Jeans

Sperm Count or Infertility – This is the big one. Does wearing tight jeans make you infertile or reduce your sperm count. The answer straight up is no. But you may ask the question, why? Well studies have shown this to be the case. There was a study where sperm count was tested before an experiment started and then afterwards. The sperm count was normal both before and after the experiment. The experiment was that tight jeans were to be worn all the time for 6 weeks straight.
Another interesting fact and piece of information to support this study is that the testes (the thing that produces sperm, your balls) is self regulating when it comes to temperature. If they are too hot they cool themselves down and if they are cold they will warm themselves up.

Editors input: I know this image has circulated google and many forums over the years but I think when jeans are worn this tight it seriously is a health hazard!


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