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Top 5 Cropped Jeans You Need Right Now


Cropped jeans have proven themselves essential for Spring 2016 and I’m sure they aren’t going away anytime soon. As you can see from my previous review, I’m OBSESSED with Joe’s Jeans Gauchos and these are just the start. I’ve put together my list of 5 styles of cropped jeans you need right now because those Spring outfits aren’t going to put themselves together!

You must be thinking that this top 5 HAS to be something special. I mean, there’s so many different pairs of cropped jeans how could I narrow it down to just 5? Well folks, it wasn’t easy and I’m sure this list will change by next week but RIGHT NOW, I’m loving these silhouettes. You can DIY a lot of these, shop your favorite brand for these crops or pick the one’s I chose. No matter what, these style of cropped jeans are great for any Spring outfit and all of them are unique in their own way.


All 5 of these styles are different and I picked them for that exact reason. Flared, wide leg, cuffed, fringe, all are on trend and look great in a cropped length. Below are examples of these styles but by all means pick the brand/fit that works best for you.

Get the look: 

  1. Current/Elliot
  2. MIH
  3. DIY or Chic Nova Flared Jeans
  4. Zara
  5. Steve J Yoni P

Style tip: Wear these cropped denim jeans with boxy heels, a cute sheer blouse and cardigan. You can also rough up your look with a moto jacket or a pair of high heels.