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Denim bags are the new “It” way to incorporate denim into your looks. No longer are they possessing the homespun and repurposed look of jeans, but is as chic as can be. Men can also take a dab at this trend with the backpacks that they have to offer. For the ladies, there is an abundance from clutches to totes that can be incorporated into your looks from day to night.

The bags weren’t just slapped with denim either. They are detailed just like the classic leather pieces with embroidery and graphics along with the incorporation of mixed media. It is definitely one of the chicest ways to incorporate denim into your looks without actually wearing denim pieces and a fun way to up the double denim game another level to even triple denim. How many of you are looking forward to adding denim bags to your closets? You can see all the styles hitting the stores now below.

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