How To Stretch Jeans – Simple Steps For Freeing Up Some Room [September 2020]

Lie flat on bed to pull the jeans all the way up and zip them. Get up and do some squats to loosen them up a bit. Move around as well by bending over, etc.

Use warm water to get the waist band wet after you have put the jeans on, then move around, i.e. walk, do squats, etc. to help stretch the damp material and wear the jeans until they dry.

Put the pants on and get the waist band wet and then put them on a hanger and let it dry.

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How to break in tight jeans?

Soak the jeans in warm water for about ten minutes. After you take them out of the water, stretch them in the areas you wish them to stretch. Also stretch them by pulling on the waist band and hem of the legs and repeat that step several times.

Get the jeans on. After you have them on, slip a slim deodorant bottle on one side of the waistband. If you have room left, use a bottle of hairspray or other similar bottle and put in waist band and let them there for a few minutes while you walk, do squats, etc.

Iron your jeans. This will loosen up the material as well

Do not dry jeans, as the dryer causes them to shrink. Let them air dry and stretch them while they are wet before you hang them to dry

New jeans are almost a paradox:

They’re great because…well, you have a new pair of jeans!

But, they’re also super stiff. Even the most flexible pair of denim feels weird at first.

And it’s hard to feel comfortable if your jeans feel weird.

Sometimes, it’s hard to break them in. But, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process.

In this article, we’ll break down all of the ways to break in a new pair of jeans.

How to loosen jeans thighs?

You can put the jeans on and actually just sit in warm water and stretch them that way. Hang them to dry after you soak in tub. Spray water on the jeans and stretch in the legs.

Nothing is worse than when you buy a new pair of jeans and they don’t fit in the thighs. It almost makes them impossible to wear.

So, you’ll probably want to take some steps to loosen them up.

The best thing to do is to soak them in cold water for a few minutes and then wear them as they dry. If you wear them until they’re entirely dry, they’ll stretch out around the shape of your thighs.

It’s a bit uncomfortable, obviously. But it works!

Tip Do some outdoor activities while they dry. Wear them while you’re doing yard work or take the dog for a walk. The sunlight and heat will dry them faster.

Will 100 cotton jeans stretch?

100% cotton will always stretch. It is just the way cotton is. If you want them to shrink back to their original shape, dry them in the dryer for about a half hour on high heat.

How do you make skinny jeans looser?

A great, inexpensive way to loosen jeans in minutes is to spray them down with lukewarm water. Lay them out on the floor and stand on the legs and tug on them. This should loosen them right up for you.

How do you stretch jean shorts?

You can stretch jean shorts the same way you do your jeans. You spray lukewarm water on the waist of the shorts and tug on the material. You can add up to a whole inch if need be.

How can I stretch the waist of my jeans?

Spray the waist down with lukewarm water. Stretch out the the waist by tugging on the material.