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GUESS Short Film Series – Part 1

GUESS has partnered with VICE media group + i-D magazine to create a short-film series called “Identity” directed by Aaron Rose and inspired by the brands SMART GUESS TechnologyÔäó denim, which launched this Fall. Each of the 4 videos highlights one of the four styles in the Smart Guess collection – all of which features new denim technology. You can view the first video in the series above and read about it below.

The series stars acclaimed former GUESS model, Tony Ward, and industry up-and-comer, Grace Elizabeth, who is in our Fall 2015 Jeans, Accessories, and Watch campaigns. She plays our heroine that personifies the SmartGUESS collection.

When deception runs deep, there’s no telling what will happen. Inspired by the endless versatility and uncompromising style of the new SMART GUESS TechnologyTM denim collection, IDENTITY follows a cast of mysterious characters and their lives of deceit, seduction and secrets.

Location Inspiration
Tucked in the hills of Los Feliz, we find a SpanishÔÇÉstyle villa where Hollywood royalty like Cary Grant once lived. Now the home of the prolific art collector and curator, Jeffrey Deitch, the home is a homage to all that is beautifully designed. There’s no better way to showcase our new SMART GUESS TECHNOLOGYTM collection than through a cinematic lens of a story in the shadows of the Hollywood sign. Directed by Aaron Rose.

Part 1: The Hustler
It’s magic hour. The sun is falling below the hills of Los Feliz. A car rolls up to a quiet street with no witnesses. The passenger, a female accomplice in PushÔÇÉUp denim, leads the way inside the storied mansion, but who is she?