Balmain Resort 2012

Keeping with the thoughts of using music as the inspiration, Olivier Rousteing chose Elvis in Vegas for the Balmain Resort collection. He chose Kasia Stuss to be the model for his first jab at womenswear since gaining the title of Creative Director.

The collection had a huge amount of detail put into it. Looking at the dresses it is just impeccable how much is in it. For example, the mini dress with the tribal print. That whole print has been embroidered on the dress itself. Just amazing.

One thing that I do have to say is that, I get McQueen a lot looking through the collection. With all the gold combined with the prints and white…it is just reminiscent of the fashion house. Though with that aside, the collection is still great. I love that they did trouser cuts this season. Those would have to be my favorite. They feature ankle zips and hidden pocket zippers at the hip. Olivier also brought back the leather hot pants with the multiple hip zippers, but cleaned them up for this collection. A new feature this season is also in the motorcycle jeans. The pleating on those are cut different and placed different than what is usual for Balmain. The line also features a pink pair and an amazing shirt with suede panels (image 15). You can check out some of the looks below.