Chanel Fall/Winter 2011/2012

Chanel has joined the Rock trend and has gone grunge this season. I’ve noticed though…Karl is getting very dark with his designs lately. Towards the end of the past spring season the looks got very dark and somber, in both color and vibe. Also, in the Fall Couture 2010, the models walked down with perfectly styled disheveled hair, if that makes sense. Something that I know Coco Chanel probably won’t approve of, but it is Karl’s collection now and Coco’s soul is still present in each of the looks. Whether it be made distressed, in denim, tweed, or not, I think Coco should be proud of what he has built.

Karl Lagerfeld sent down many of the looks distressed, from the jeans to the jackets, all covered with moth-holes. The jeans are also a lot more flattering, I think, this season. Some were super tight, legging styles and others kept baggy. One thing that I love about the jeans this season is that they mock the look of burnt-out suede. One thing that I did dislike was the skirts over the jeans. I hope that is one trend that will never comeback. Overall, I think this would have to be one of my favorite Chanel collections due to the more relaxed vibe, rather than pristine chic that is usually shown. The other favorite would have to be the Fall 2010 Couture show. You can check out some of the looks below.