Derek Lam Spring 2011

Derek Lam always shows such a tailored ease with each collection. He always has such well put together garments and for his Spring 2011 collection he chose to transform the look off linen into denim. Alexander Wang did it with leather…So why can’t Derek do it to linen?

He opened his show with a denim-look trench paired with a dress that was also made from the fabric. Then a few looks followed also made of the great fabric. There was a new take on the denim shirt, a few flared trousers and a couple of suits, one skirt and the other trousers. For the other garments in the collection, Derek stayed on-trend with the others. He showed looks in neutrals and the two biggest trends of them all this season, crisp-white and maxi-dresses. The catwalks have been filled with maxi-dresses and crisp-whites so far this season. What do you readers think of Derek Lam’s denim-look linens?