PFW Looks To Try Now

When it comes to fashion week, the street style has become just as notorious as the shows themselves. Not only can you get amazing inspiration from the shows you attend, but you can now get all the eye candy you need outside of them too. Here are 4 looks we found at Paris Fashion Week that we are DYING to recreate.

This cute lil lady is keepin’ it classy in an outfit that is loosely based on a suit. We switched out the tie for an even more feminine approach, a bow, and also switched out her very lovely Valentino’s for a more affordable option.


Loving this take on Mom Jeans where you don’t have to go full vintage to make them look great. We’re also loving how she played with different lengths of each piece to which the oversized coat brought the whole look together.


Plaid is all the rage and this girl has got it DOWN. She kept the base of the outfit a chic black with different fabrics so that the pop of color was the flannel around her waist. Great use of layering and fabrics.


Ok, this button up UNDER the dress is GENIUS. So simple, so interesting and so cute! Gotta try this look out pronto!

(Images via Elle)