Introducing our new HonestForum manager…Cutup!

Introducing our brand new HonestForum manager, CUTUP! If you haven’t joined HonestForum yet – you should! Get in on all the chat about designer clothing and more! Here’s a little blurb CUTUP sent us!

It was a few years ago that I happened to stumble across a website based on designer denim and authenticating designer clothing. I was a complete newcomer to the designer jeans world and was eager to learn what the hype was about.

I joined and lurked for a while, expecting to be torn to utter pieces when I asked a question that would have seemed stupid to the pros on the site. But a funny thing happened, I got my questions answered, and I was given a welcome.

That was years ago and I am still here.

I moved on from being a member to a mod, and then to admin. So let me tell you a bit about myself and what I have planned for the site.

My HonestForum screenname is CUTUP, but many know me as Chris. I am a health and fitness nut who is completely and utterly addicted to designer clothing. I work in the field of contracting and architecture, which allows me to use some of my creative talents as well as doing some physical labor (which I love).

My goals for the site are as follows:

#1 To expand the member base of the site.
#2 To open up more broad ranged areas for discussion of all manner of clothing, especially a high end section for more upscale brands.
#3 Freedom of speech and open conversation will be balanced by respect for other members and tolerence for those who may be too new to know the ins and the outs of an online fashion forum.
#4 To have our mods and myself be completely transparent and accountable to our members.

You guys and gals are the reason the site exists in the first place. So if there are any problems of any kind, or ideas you may have to make the site a better place, please drop me a Private Message on the forum.

I am certain that once you join this place, you would be hard pressed to leave. That’s about it for me, its been a pleasure to be a part of this place, and I hope to be for more years to come!”

Welcome Cutup! Chat with you on the forum soon!