6 Awesome NYC Fashion Bloggers

Ahhhh New YorkÔǪCity of dreams, The Big Apple, Concrete Jungle, etc etc. New York is an amazing city, BUT New York is also a great place for fashion bloggers! The fashion epicenter, the home of NYFW, and tons of cultures all in one place. These fashion bloggers live in the ideal place with tons of inspiration surrounding themÔǪand they work it! I really enjoyed working on this article because each girl had a completely different style which was so refreshingÔǪno two girls the same. Here I have 6 FABULOUS fashion bloggers you should know in NYC. Let’s meet them shall we?

Nicole from Running in Wedges

Nicole is an edgy blonde with amazing style living in the city with inspirations as simple as as old photographs of her mom and dad. “My dad used to be in tons of bands in the 70’s and 80’s even one with steven tyler. He has albums upon albums of photographs that I’ve looked at since I was little which had it’s effect on my style since day 1” she says. On top of shots of her outfit, she includes detail shots of her accessories, trims etc. all of which are inspiring and visually appealing. Another thing I love about Nicole’s blog, Running in Wedges, is the setting of her style shotsÔǪon her balcony. It gives that gritty, New York vibe as a background that compliments her outfits splendidly. Nicole has a “Downtown” vibe that I’m all about.

Frances from Pink Horrorshow

On the other side of the spectrum from Nicole, you have Frances. Her elegant style mixed with a plush NYC apartment in the background makes for another side of NY that is equally as fabulous. Frances’ blog, Pink Horrorshow, is style shots, recipes, beauty and fashion all in one place. Frances works prints, skirts, flowy dresses and beautiful heels in the loveliest of ways. When I asked Frances what her inspiration was she replied “I draw inspiration from so many sources like films or magazines, but living in New York definitely plays a big part in influencing my style. Everyone knows it’s an eclectic city so it’s hard not to be attracted to all the different styles I’m exposed to on a daily basis” and when I asked her about her style she explained “it’s never too fussy and I like to keep it classic” which I couldn’t agree with more.

Maria from City Laundry

I have 2 words to describe MariaÔǪPreppy Chic. Maria pulls off the preppy look like no tomorrow, which I got to hand to herÔǪit’s not an easy thing to do. Her super cute dresses with tights and flats gives a nostalgia for those days as a young girl in grade school. Maria finds inspiration in old photographs, French films, actresses such as Anna Karina in Pierrot le Fou and Brigitte Bardot and lastly English prep style. When I asked her to describe her style she said “I would describe my style as very vintage mixed with some modern elements. I love old school girl uniforms and preppy collard dresses. I like to find things other people would probably shy away from and making them work. I specifically love the styles of the 1940’s and 60’s”. Maria’s natural beauty totally compliments her look and so do those awesome little bow ties she wears. For more preppy fun check out City Laundry for yourself.

Arielle from Something Navy

Arielle from Something Navy, has a truly unique style bridging elegant and flowy with edgy and all around rad. She has great statement pieces in her closet such as her velvet baggy pants and sequins/sheer high to low skirt, that leave me drooling daily. Arielle takes her shots anywhere from on the beautiful streets of NY to fun hallways and her way of putting outfits together is flawless. Love her long, beautiful hair? Here’s a tutorial to get it just like hers. Fun fact? You can spot Something Navy in the upcoming Sperry campaign for Glamour magazine along with fellow blogger Trop Rogue (below). If Arielle isn’t bookmarked by nowÔǪshe should be.

Claire from De Lune

Claire’s beautiful, curly, red hair isn’t the only thing that has me visiting De Lune, her way with clothes is also luringÔǪGirl knows how to work a pant! Claire also has a way with layers, flats and jackets gently draping over her shoulders. A true beauty, Claire has an ever changing style that is consistently amazing. She’s been featured in the Coach holiday campaign, Teen Vogue, Vogue Spain, and Seventeen magazine to name a few. If her eclectic style hasn’t got you hooked yet, it soon will.

Christina from Trop Rogue

I’m pretty sure most of you have heard of Trop Rogue, but if you haven’t, now you have. Christina is a spunky girl from the NYC with unique style that is all her own. If her style hasn’t drawn you in yet, her hair definitely will. Her style can be edgy, yet refined, mixing in furs and layers alike. I think my favorite photos are of her lounging in her apartment in vintage tee’s and her bare feet. Not only is her blog filled with rad style but also great photography of her clothes, adventures and more. For everything Christina, bookmark TropRogue.