7 Chic Rain Boots To Wear With Your Denim

For some of you the rain has been in full effect which means, it’s time to break out those rad rain boots that have been gathering cob webs in your closet. The rain boot trend has been big for a few years now, they are the ultimate accessory for your rainy day wear. You can get them in any color, print or any height and they even have heels now. If you haven’t gotten your rain boots on, here is a list of 7 rain boots that will fit perfectly over your denim….any cut. Enjoy and stay dry!

1. Target polka dot rain boots $30

2. Sorel waterproof high heels $200

3. Kamik lightweight shoes $50

4. Sperry Top-Sider sperry top sider $50

5. KORS Michael Kors michael kors boots $125

6. Qupid high heels $33

7. Ilse Jacobsen wellington boots $155