7 Fall Denim Essentials

Since Fall is in full swing right now, I thought it would be good to put together a Fall denim essentials list! I previously made one with my Summer denim essentials, but those vary quite dramatically to the essentials needed for this season. I’ve chosen everything from the trendy fabrics of the moment like velvet and cord, to the hot colours and classics. Carry on reading below to find out what jeans are perfect for the Fall weather!


Burgundy is always a huge trend for Fall! I was wearing it last year non stop and I am happy to be able to transition some of last years clothes over to this year as well! You can’t beat an amazing pair of burgundy skinny jeans! They sort of become an important staple piece to wear. The shade is so versatile and it goes with almost anything! Especially with colours like black and white, the burgundy stands out against them perfectly and the deep rich tone of it gives you a warm vibe which is much needed in the cooler weather. Honestly, you can not go wrong with burgundy! It’s perfect for every garment too, not just denim! It’s definitely the colour of the season!



Now mustard is more of a braver and bolder tone for Autumn/Fall, however it suits the season perfectly with the hue that match the golden colour of the leaves. There is something about mustard which always screams Fall to me, I think it’s because it has such a deep tone to it, it gets rid of any Summer feelings from bright yellow and changes into a cooler weather colour with the warm undertone it has. Again, it’s a shade that matches a lot of colours, especially if you stick to the Autumn colour palette of burnt oranges, browns etc, but at the same time it really brightens up any outfit in an appropriate way. So where as burgundy becomes a staple, mustard becomes a fun colour to liven up your look!


Coated Black

Coated black jeans or waxed black, whichever you would like to call them, are definitely an essential in my book. Black jeans in general are always much needed throughout the cooler weather, but the coating adds that little something extra to them. The sheen and almost leather like glisten that they give off makes them suitable for wearing during the day or at night, yet it gives them a little oomph! I think they look so classy, yet so on trend at exactly the same time. I definitely prefer coated black jeans over regular black denim, I always love that little something more with my jeans. These are the perfect way to still wear black, but in a more bold way.


Fleece Denim Jacket

Now a denim jacket that has a fleece or sherpa lining is probably a jacket that looks the most like Fall to me, ever. Nothing says Autumn time like a wooly lining! If you love denim jackets and don’t just want to wear them for Spring or Summer, it’s actually the best way to still rock it during the cooler months! You get all the cuteness of the denim jacket, but with added warmth from the fleece. Not to mention the sherpa actually adds a nice touch to the jacket, I think I prefer them like this to the original plain denim jacket style. I love the extra detailing. So I would definitely say that a fleece lined denim jacket is the perfect staple piece for Autumn every year! Especially if you don’t want to wear jeans, but you still want to rock some denim in your outfit!



Honestly, nothing says Fall to me better than a pair of Velvet pants! Velvet is that fabric that people tend to break out during the cooler weather as it’s thicker and the jewel undertone that usually goes with it is great for the rich hues of the season. I think they look the best in burgundy, dark blue, purple or black because those are a deep tone that suits the fabric best. Burgundy would probably have to be my favourite though. Again, because it’s the best shade for Autumn, but it also really enhances the velvet fabric. Velvet isn’t a fabric that’s popular among everyone, however this season it seems to be at its biggest yet, so many brands are trying it out in various ways and styles. I would definitely recommend velvet to stay on trend this Fall!



You didn’t think I wouldn’t include the ever so popular corduroy did you? During Autumn and Winter, I don’t know anyone that would be without cord. Every brand always releases a corduroy jean as Fall comes around and it’s such a tough and durable fabric that keeps you warm while staying up to date.

The most popular shades for cord are usually always the Autumn tones of mustard, brown, burgundy, black, beige etc, however many brands are releasing their take in bright jewel tones as well. So you can still wear bright colours even in Fall appropriate fabrics! To me that’s like a win win situation as I adore bright colours and want to wear them whenever possible! Plus the fact that they are also coming with great aesthetics like zippers, buttons and even coating doesn’t make the fabric dated at all! Corduroy is definitely a very popular fabric this Fall.


Dark Wash Flares

Last but not least, I have gone with a classic dark wash pair of flares. Skinny cuts are not for everyone and there is always room for classic pieces in any list, that’s why I chose these. I think the flare is more suitable than a bootcut as bootcut definitely doesn’t suit everyone, where as a flare can be more versatile. I think they are perfect for nights out with blazers and high heels and the dark wash is much more appropriate than something lighter for the cool season.

Obviously most of the above colours and fabrics will also come in flared cuts, so you don’t just have to opt for skinnies, even though they are great for tucking into boots. I’ve seen flared jeans in corduroy, velvet, burgundy, mustard, brown, black and much more! But I thought the classic dark blue is one you can’t go wrong with! So what’s on your Fall essentials list? All of the pieces listed above are from

Written by Lorna Burford