7 International Bloggers You Should Bookmark

We’ve covered New York and LA blogs you should know about, but how about the rest of the world? Of course I wish I could include every country in this post, but I narrowed it down to 8 International Blogs you should bookmark. As always I had so much fun exploring new blogs especially in different countries. Feel free to share your own favorites in the comment section as well! Click this post to enjoy and start bookmarking!


http://www.llymlrs.com/– London

Lilly Melrose is a 22 year old from London with the cutest face you’ve ever seen. Those bright blue eyes and gorgeous dirty blonde hair will have you swooning before you even scroll down to read a post. Her posts are to the point and mostly involve her fabulous outfits with fun pictures of her nails and jewelry included.

Love Aesthetics

http://love-aesthetics.blogspot.com/ – Netherlands

In two words, one thing sticks out about Love-AestheticsÔǪblue hair. Ivania’s soft, pastel blue hair is gorgeous and chic and in no way over the top. Her structured outfits containing neutral palettes are the perfect match to her stunning hair. My favorite part about Love Aesthetics? The wide variety of posts as apposed to one outfit post after another.

Gary Pepper

http://fellt.com/garypepper– Shanghai

Nicole’s distinct features, soft beauty and adorable freckles will instantly catch your attention. Follow her blog as she gallivants all over the world, one beautiful outfit at a time. Her gorgeous photography and feminine outfits are what make her blog exciting to read, as well as the fun photos throughout.

Garance Dore

http://www.garancedore.fr/ – France

Garance Dore isn’t your typical fashion blog, which is why I like it. She is giving me fashion in a different form, through photography and through her eyes. Garance Dore’s simplistic appearance and crisp photos are so appealing you will never want to leave. I think the thing that most inspired me about this blog (which was hard to narrow down) was an excerpt from her “About me” section, she writesÔǪ.

“ÔǪThat’s how it became quite clear to me that fashion was my dearest subject. I like how often it changes its mind and in it, you can see the passing of time. I like that it’s as beautiful on movie stars as it is on the street because everything is only how you look at it.”


http://fashionvibe-blog.blogspot.com/– Barcelona

The ever so lovely Zina takes you with her on all her fashion adventures throughout Barcelona (and all over the world for that matter). From Dolce and Gabbana parties to fabulous fashion shows, you’re right there with her drooling over her outfits.

Miss Molly Fashions

http://www.missmollyfashions.blogspot.com/– South Africa

As the blog says, fashion merchandiser by day, fashion designer by night and fashion blogger everywhere in between. Miss Molly has effortless style with unique photos to match, not to mention I was INSTANTLY drawn to her blog from the adorable title. What I like about Miss Molly’s blog is that you have 3 different points of view (a fashion merchandiser, designer and blogger) all in one sitting which makes for great content with a lot of variety.

Aminta’s Fashion Blog

http://www.amintasfashionblog.com/ – Guatemala

I’m going to be honest, I had my set of 6 girls I was going to do my little international post on, but then I found Aminta. I had to make the post about 7 girls because I just HAD to include Aminta in my list. Her truly unique style is admirable and inspirational. It makes you want to run around, rebel against everything you know and be free. Her fun spirit comes out in all of her photos and her creativity shines through her outfits.