8 of our Biggest and Best Discussions from the DenimBlog Community

Our community has been booming lately! Our forums are getting action and everyone wants in. Since we’ve had so many discussions happening recently, I wanted to narrow it down to the top 8 most talked about topics so that you all can join in as well! Feel free to start your own threads or join others, our fashion forum is a great place for denim lovers of all kinds.

#1: What are you Wearing Today?


In this thread, community members share their daily outfits complete with photos. Mirror shot, above shot or someone taking the photo for you, share what you’re wearing! Members offer comments and feedback to each outfit post, join in on the fun! Check out the discussion here: What Are You Wearing Today.

#2: Authenticity Super Thread

Authenticity is a hard one and everyone questions it at one point in time. Community members talk about how it’s great to research authenticating denim etc, before making a purchase and share potential purchases to seek authenticating guidance from other members. Members have also shared their authentic denim as well. This is the thread for all of your authenticity questions and or discussions. Official Authenticity Thread.

#3: OFFICIAL: Dior Homme Denim


This is the place for all things Dior homme. Member Tsukasa starts the thread with a very informative post containing information on sizing, acronym meanings, where to buy and more. Discuss your experience with Dior homme or ask all the questions you’ve ever wanted to know. Official Dior Homme Thread.

#4 What did you Buy Today?

Did you go shopping today? What did you buy? Show the community! Everyone loves sharing what they purchased and love seeing what everyone else is buying. Share what you bought and you never know, you might find more things you want to purchase yourself! What did you buy Today?

#5 Great Finds on eBay

If you’re looking for a specific pair of jeans on eBay or perhaps you found a great deal on one, share it here! Winning something on ebay is exciting and a fun thing to share. You can also share your tips on how you find great items such as what keywords to use, sellers that are great and any other tricks of the trade. Great Finds on eBay.

#6 What Diesel are you Wearing Today?

Do you wear Diesel on the daily? This tread is a great way to show which diesel you are wearing today and get feedback from other community members. Share your Deisel, reply to other’s Deisel and relate on your love for the brand. What Diesel are you Wearing Today?

#7 My Diesel Super Collection

Member tookwick4ya was kind enough to share his impressive 50 piece Deisel collection with the community. He featured his collection loosest to tightest with ID numbers and all. This thread is great place to see different styles of Deisel, ask tookwick4ya advice or questions on certain pairs, or even share your own collection. My Diesel Super Collection.

#8 Boots and Shoes

Share which shoes you like to wear with your denim and get feedback. Are you a boots girl? A dress shoe guy? Or a sneaker head? We want to know. Get ideas from other members on what shoes look great with denim or share your own “go to” shoes for denim. Boots and Shoes Thread.