8 Summer Denim Essentials

Now that summer is here, I always find myself asking the same question; what should I wear today? Since the weather (even during summer) is so unpredictable, I put together a list of 8 denim pieces that I think are essential for the hot season! I’ve included pieces which are also appropriate for the cooler days/evenings as well as items for those boiling hot moments. I would even use this post as a summer vacation packing list if you love denim. You would definitely get use out of all of these pieces! As a note, these are in no particular order either.

1 – Flares

I chose a classic pair of flared jeans because I think those always scream summer to me. I personally never wear flares when it’s cold and wet because the hems usually drag across the floor and get wet/ruined. Anytime I see a pair of flared jeans, I always think they look so summery and look amazing paired with little tanks and wedges. They do need to be light washed though, the mid to light blues work the best for the hot weather. Dark blues just don’t give the same impression.

2 – White Skinny Jeans

Now white skinny jeans are pretty much the epitome of summer to me! Every time I see them it always reminds me of blue skies, picnics and fun. Not only do they look really fresh and clean while brightening up your outfit, they serve a purpose in the heat because white reflects the sun, so it keeps you cool. My favourite pairing with white would definitely have to be pink or orange, I think those two bright shades go so well together! Everyone needs a pair of white skinny jeans for summer!

3 – Chambray Denim Shirt

I think the chambray denim shirt is the perfect extra piece of clothing to keep that sea breeze or hint of wind off of your skin. They work so well paired over floral summer dresses or even denim shorts. The chambray denim shirt is a very versatile piece which can be worn more fitted for a smarter feel or oversized for that relaxed casual look. I own quite a few and I always find them being my go to pieces when I just need that little bit of something extra to keep me cool, but protect me from the shivers.

4 – Denim Shorts

Now I’m not sure I really need to explain myself when it comes to denim shorts, but I will anyway. They are the most perfect choice of bottoms for the scorching weather! You still get that great fit that a pair of jeans gives you, but without the restriction and heat on your legs. Not to mention, there are so many fun pairs of denim shorts out there so you can really have a blast with them! Studded, spiked, printed, coloured, neon, lace… the list is endless! I find that you can go really adventurous with denim shorts because it’s more appropriate in the summer and since there is much less fabric than a pair of jeans, it’s less intense. I myself own so many denim shorts, I can’t get enough of them!

5 – Floral Skinny Jeans

Floral skinny jeans are sort of a new trend at the moment. They have been around for a while, but a few months ago was when the print took over the denim market and everyone was releasing their take on it. I think it’s absolutely perfect for those days when you want a pair of bold and statement making jeans to go with a simple t-shirt and sandals. Floral is always popular during the summer months in other pieces like dresses, cardigans and tops, so why not opt for them in jeans? It makes sense to me! They will add so much life to your outfit in the sun!

6 – Denim Jacket

Now the denim jacket is pretty much a staple piece all year round in my opinion. Almost everyone owns one and it’s versatility is what makes it so wearable and perfect year in year out. It’s never dated and it’s always a key piece no matter what trend is in full swing at the moment. I think it’s a perfect item for summer because it goes so well over a summer dress. Whether that’s a maxi, floral print, full skirt or another style, the denim jacket will just finish it off nicely. It adds that sense of casualness to the look and it keeps the breeze off of you. It’s also great to just chuck on when the night time cold air creeps in!

7 – Denim Vest/Sleeveless Jacket

The sleeveless denim jacket or denim vest is another great option! When it’s just too hot to wear a full denim jacket, opting for this style is always a good choice! You still have that casual look and denim to put on over your day time outfit, but without the added heat of the sleeves. It’s a win win situation. I usually always wear mine over a floral dress or with a tank top and floaty skirt. I think that’s the best pairing as it keeps you feminine, but at the same time you have that added toughness with the sleeveless denim jacket. I actually prefer this style to the full sleeve denim jackets. Simple because for me, I find it more wearable since I usually always wear jeans!

8 – Denim/Chambray Skirt

Last but not least is the denim/chambray skirt! I chose this because I think it’s such a fun way to wear the fabric! I didn’t want to pick the usual and ever so popular denim mini skirt because a lot of the time those are really short and they are just not everyone’s style. I know they aren’t really my style anymore since I gold older. I used to love them in my teens, but now I prefer the more classic looking ones like in the collage above. I think it’s really versatile and would suit most age ranges because you can pair it with so many different things. For example it would work with open toe wedges and a shorter cropped top or it would work just as easily with flat sandals and a light weight cardigan. It depends on your personal preference and style, but it’s definitely versatile. Plus it would keep you really cool and it would float nicely when the little breeze came in!

So what are some of your denim essentials that you always have in your closet ready for Summer? Or which pieces do you always take on vacation?

Written by Lorna Burford