A Day of Denim with Lucky Brand Jeans


I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Lucky Brand HQ in Downtown LA where they led me on a step by step tour on how their denim is manufactured. We got to visit the location where Lucky Brand denim is made as well as the wash house for Lucky Brand. The head of denim, Nico, took time out of his busy day to take us around and show us how he gets the job done. Click this post to see all of the photos and more.

The location in which most of Lucky Brand Jeans are manufactured, is located a little south of Downtown LA with 500 employees who all participate in different steps of the assembly process. Each pair of jeans gets taken around the mart going through a different phase each time it hits a new person. When the jeans are assembled they go through different processes depending on the type of fabric. Some fabrics need to rest for 24 hours to set and others can be taken upstairs where they steam the jeans, apply tags and insert them into polybags for shipment.

If a pair of jeans require a certain wash or treatment, they make their way over to the Lucky Brand wash house. If they need other embellishments on top of a wash they go back to the jean mart after the wash house to get the correct embellishments applied, then they are ready to ship out. The wash house is a world of infinite possibilities with new ideas, trends and treatments all in one building. My favorite process was the whiskers which are all hand done on the jeans while they’re on machines that mimic how the legs bend. Nico also explained what happens when he has a new idea or design concept for Lucky denim and showed us how it works. It’s so great to know that a company so big still works one on one with people and puts thought and care into their product.

Since I was about 20 years old I have had an affection for Lucky Brand jeans. My boyfriend worked at their retail store and would always buy me jeans. I loved how comfortable they always were and they were one of the few brands that actually fit me. When I was asked to visit the HQ I could not have been more excited, let alone honored, and I’m so happy I can share it with all you denim lovers. Everyone at Lucky was such a pleasure to work with not to mention Nico’s passion for denim and design was extremely contagious. I think as a consumer it’s nice to know that people still care about their product and love what they do. Thanks Lucky!

Coming up in Part 2…My fitting with Lucky Brand including a little style post on how to wear the Sienna Cigarette jean!