Best Stretchy Denim Jeans

Diesel Jogg Jeans

The holidays have come and gone in such a flash that I didn’t have time to fully acknowledge they were here! It’s at times like this though that to us denim lovers, stretchy denim is of utmost importance! Too many of us have overinduldged during the holidays and eaten way too much, possibly even gained a few pounds here and there, so comfort is key at the moment! I thought it would be good to list some of the most stretchiest and most comfortable jeans that I have had experience with so you can be comfortable and stylish at the moment! I am speaking from experience and obviously there are many many other jeans out there which are stretchy, like the Paige Verdugo, Rag & Bone Leggings, Citizens of Humanity Avedon, Hudson Nico etc, but I wanted to list the ones which are the most stretchy and comfortable that I have come across. I have listed them in order as well!

Above you can see the Diesel Jogg Jeans, these are available for both men and women and they are a cross between a sweat pant and a jean. They literally blended both fabrics together and I speak from experience that the fabric is so soft and stretchy, they do feel just like wearing sweat pants, but with the look of denim. They are perfect for those days when you need comfort after the holiday season of indulgence! My boyfriend owns 4 pairs of these and I only own one at the moment (soon to be 2, I hope), but they are an incredible invention!

Denimocracy Anarchy Knit Leggings

Moving onto Denimocracy, I have had their Anarchy Knit Leggings in Onyx Black for a good few years now and I still wear them a lot. They aren’t actual denim, they are more like a thick knitted fabric, but they have the exact same fit as a pair of jeans with a zip and button closure and back pockets. They also have front pockets, but they are false so the pocket bags don’t ruin the slim fit. These are incredibly stretchy to the point you can dance, do yoga and even sleep in them! They come in loads of colours too! I can never get enough of mine and am always comfortable when I wear them, so they are a good option for when you have eaten too much.

Bleulab | Rag & Bone | Bleulab

Bleulab jeans are one of my favourites for stretchy denim! Their Detour Legging fit is amazing! Even though the jeans are reversible, they are so stretchy and soft, but fitted at the same time. When I am running errands or not feeling too well, these are always the jeans that I go to for needing comfort and a skinny fit. They have a fit just like leggings as they are skinny all over, but they have great washes and 2 pairs of jeans in one! They really are so comfortable and stretchy, I prefer the non coated pairs though as they are a lot more softer on the skin. I’ve also included the brand new Marimar jeans by Rag & Bone here, but I haven’t tried them myself yet. From experience with fabric though, since they are made from a sweat pant and have a denim wash and colour printed on the top, I know they are going to be really soft and stretchy. Have any of you tried them yet?

James Jeans | DL1961 | James Jeans | DL1961

Finally, I’ve chosen some more real jean styles, but ones that I know to be incredibly comfortable and flattering at the same time. These four jeans here are not as stretchy as the pairs I have listed above, but they are very flattering. The James Jeans Couture skinny jeans are constructed to have a contoured waistband, suction thigh wrapping and padded back pockets so they really do flatter your figure, but at the same time they are really stretchy. They hold you in everywhere and look great, but they are still stretchy and comfortable, which is always a bonus! I have worn my pairs so many times, I can’t be without them! I’ve included the DL1961 DLX fabric skinny jeans too! I have tried this fabric on their jeans and I can definitely say it’s very soft and very elasticated. The fabric has a sheen to it which feels a lot like silk on the skin, but they are flattering because they have a great fit.

So, if you still want to have a great fit and look, but need comfort, I recommend these jeans just above! However if you need something really stretchy and incredibly comfortable, I would say go for the Jogg Jeans, Rag & Bone or Denimocracy!

Written by Lorna Burford