Best Winter Outfits

As winter is slowly coming to an end, we reflect back on bangin’ winter outfits from our favorite bloggers. I creeped around on my favorite fashion blogs to find my favorite winter outfits of theirs and put them all in one round up.

Of course it was difficult to narrow it down because there are so many good blogs out there and I know I’ve left out some above par outfits, but that’s what the comment section is for right? Feel free to share your favorites there too!

From LA to NY, Panama to UK, plus size bloggers to guy bloggers, I’ve tried my best to cover it all. I hope you enjoy my round up and let’s use this post as a final PEACE OUT to winter and all of its harsh weather conditions. BRING ON THE SHORTS AND TANKS! (See all the looks after the jump!)

Tangible Style

I met Mauricio Herrerabarría at MAGIC this month and I instantly fell in love. His style is cute, edgy and always evolving and his personality is as big (if not bigger) than his style. Based out of Panama, Mauricio’s blog is mostly about street style and women’s fashion with a few of his own outfits mixed in. Watch out Bryan Boy, Tangible Style is making his way up to the top!


Le Fashion Monster

Le Fashion Monster is an LA based fashion blog for those girly girls that love a good heel and a chic outfit. This year Deniz has been edging up her look and I can’t help but fall in love with this hoodie mixed with a red leather skirt. It’s a combo you wouldn’t normally picture together but now that I see it, I’ll probably wear it daily. Now mind you, LA is not freezing so this is actually an appropriate winter outfit out here. Follow all of Deniz’s fabulous outfits on her blog, Le Fashion Monster.


Jazzabelle’s Diary

I also met Jazmine at MAGIC this year and she is just as sweet as she looks. Being from London, her style holds true to the “classics” with a little twist every now and then. Great photography, cute outfits and of course that cute little face, Jazzabelle’s Diary is an inspiring and beautiful blog.


Locks and Trinkets

I have a confession: I have a secret (ok, not so secret) crush on Enocha from Locks and Trinkets. A Boston native who has recently immigrated to LA , Enocha has an effortless style that is so unique, you can’t find anything else like it. She wears everything from dresses to snap backs and heels to sneakers and somehow puts a chic touch on all of it. Another thing that sets her apart from other bloggers is her editorial style photos listing the items and photographer at the bottom. I can go on forever about Enocha but I’ll let you stalk her blog so you can really see what I’m talking about.


Fashion Goggled

Landon, the smarts behind Fashion Goggled, has a truly unique approach to blogging and I find it so refreshing and addicting to follow. He makes sure to incorporate different edits and effects on his photos so it’s not boring outfit post after outfit post. I also really appreciate Landon’s style because men’s fashion is hard to switch up and he does it with ease. I love this outfit because A, I’m a sucker for wool slacks and B, the layering and colors work harmoniously. For more Fashion Goggled be sure to check out the blog.


Honey & Silk

Usually blog names are odd, boring or just flat out don’t make sense but I can’t think of a better name for Orange County native, Stephanie Liu’s blog. Stephanie is sweet like honey and her looks are smooth as silk (excuse the cheese but it’s true). All of her photos are on point and her style is sleek and chic. She took this photo at NYFW this year and I absolutely love the pop of color. Winter can bring on more neutral or darker tones, but Stephanie broke all of the expectations with this color blocking look. Check out Honey N Silk and fall in love like I did.


Fated to be Hated

Bebe Zeva from Fated to be Hated is my new muse. She can make any outfit look flawless from crazy, new wave looks to chic tailored looks and I love that about her. She inspires me to bring out my inner crazy and her writing isn’t too shabby either. I love this look because it’s how I feel everyday in the wintergrunge. I want to slap on clothes and call it a day. Be sure to check out this Las Vegas dweller and all of her fashion adventures.


Good Bad and Fab

I have one word to describe Jenny from Good Bad and Fab: FABULOUS. Jenny is a fashion lawyer turned fashion blogger and she lives nothing short of a fabulous lifestyle. Random trips to Cabo, events around LA, champagne, yummy food and of course, beautiful outfits, Jenny does it all. This outfit is one of my favorites of Jenny’s because I love how she edged it up but kept it chic with heels and the cheetah purse. I love Jenny’s style and I’m sure you will too. As Jenny always says, Live Fabulously!


Margie Plus

Margie, Margie Margie. The most fun loving person you could ever meet if you can’t tell by her photos. Margie has her own column on Lucky Mag but also has her own blog, Margie Plus, which is all about her random adventures and her rad plus size fashion. Loving this night time look that she put together with sequins and leather for a night out on the NY streets. Margie Holla!


Style Map

Trend forecasting, app building and blogging, Emily from Style Map does it all! The cutest girl you will ever meet, Emily has great style and a great eye for it as well. Her blog is about all of her fashions, trends and life and it’s nothing short of a great read. I’m loving this outfit because it is so harmonious despite the different colors and feels which makes for the perfect winter outfit. Check out Style Map ASAP well, because Emily is awesome!


Glitter on the Ceiling

Jasmine of Glitter on the Ceiling is a plus sized blogger out of LA who writes about music, collections, street style and more. Her blog has a variety of content and is always an interesting read. Another thing I love about Jasmine is that she knows how to dress for her body type. Everything she wears works so well with her look and I think that is a true talent and skill to acquire. I love this look because the velvet top is a great cut and is also slimming, the jeans are a fantastic pop of color and the necklace and heels tie the whole look in.


Kristen Glam

Kristen has impeccable style and I literally could not pick just one outfit from her blog to feature on this post. Every single outfit offers something new, I love the way she incorporates sneakers and beanies to her outfits and her jackets are always so on point. Kristen’s great taste and awesome photos on the streets of New York make you instantly glued to her blog and make you never want to open a new tab in your browser ever again. I picked this outfit because the boots are something different (and amazing) and the layering is perfect. This outfit symbolizes a winter outfit and in my opinion is definitely one of the best ones I’ve seen!