How To Bleach Jeans [May 2021]

Here is an overview of how to bleach jeans.

Bleaching jeans involves the use of bleach and water. The process is simple enough that most people can do it in their own homes. The results will vary depending on the type of jeans, how they’re constructed, and the bleaching method used. However, you can turn even very old dark-colored jeans into a brand new pair of white ones with some patience and care.

Step 1: Prepare jeans for bleaching
First, clean the area around your worktable so you don’t get any bleach on carpeting or wood floors while working with your jeans. You should also wear an apron to minimize spills on your clothing.  Next, you’ll need to remove any stains or dirt from the denim.

Step 2: Add water to bleach
You’ll need a bucket large enough to hold all four pieces. Add water until it cover all of your cut up jeans completely.

Step 3: Add bleach and soak
Add about 1/4 cup of bleach to the bucket of water. If you’re bleaching a white pair, add less than a pair that is very dark. Grab your jeans leg by the edge and gently submerge it in the bleach water. You should see immediate results from this first leg. Let it soak for at least one hour, but longer if you want more intense results.

Step 4: Rinse your jeans
You’ll need to wash off all of the bleach water from your jeans after you’ve soaked them for an hour or more. This will remove all of the excess bleach from the jeans.

Step 5: Bleach another leg
Then, add another leg to the bucket of water and repeat Steps 2 through 4 from Step 1. Again, take note of which pieces need bleaching. The next leg should be a little less intense than the first, so add less bleach to your solution if needed. I recommend that you use a different part of each leg for bleaching every fourth one or so. This ensures that you’ll have an even amount of dark and light denim with mixed bleaches throughout your entire bleach process. It also makes it easier on yourself if something should go wrong and you should have a lighter pair later on in your attempt to bleach dark-colored denim.

Step 6: Rinse your jeans again
Wash off the bleach water from your jeans using the same method described in Step 4. You’ll get used to the variation in staining of each leg after a while, and you’ll be able to add just the right amount of bleach for your denim pieces.

Step 7: Wear them! What next?
When you’re done bleaching, you can wear your newly-made white jeans as soon as they dry. Enjoy them! When you want to change their color again, wash them in the washing machine on a warm cycle with some detergent or use a washing machine with a color catcher. This will keep the bleach from running from your jeans. Afterwards, you can bleach them again with water or other dye products to create a completely new look!

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