Coachella 2014 Trends & Photos

Coachella 2014 has come and gone faster than you could take your fringe backpack off, but it always leaves a lasting impression. As soon as you leave you want to be back in the desert and it seems like now, 2 weekends isn’t even enough. The festival has grown tremendously over the past few years making it a little more of a struggle to find a decent place to stay, unless you book 6 months in advance and it’s getting more and more difficult to get your friends into those fab parties in Palm Springs, but nonetheless, I can’t give it up.

I go every year and I have a great time, every time. This year (like the last) I kept it simple and hit up the parties and hung out in Palm Springs. I roomed with a few blogger friends and hit the town doing some freelance work while I was out having a blast. We saw Major Lazer perform at the H&M x Alexander Wang party, ate yummy food on a bed at Soho House, saw Azeilea Banks perform at the Forever21 party and danced the night away at Details magazine party and Rhonda. Below is a little photo diary of my trip.

(Images via Vogue + Elle)

Aside from having your favorite artists all on one field, in one weekend, Coachella is infamous for it’s festival style. I love seeing what people are wearing every year and I also love putting together fun, new outfits of my own. I put together a little collage of the street style at the festival this year to bring you the latest trends, straight from the Polo Fields. The consistent trends that appear every year are fringe, kimonos, flower crowns and sandals. The hot new items this year? Overalls, backpacks, matching sets, shirts tied at the waist, printed wide leg pants, and Birkenstocks. These ladies killed it (mostly in denim I might add) and I might take some inspiration for my Spring wardrobe as well. Until next year Coachella!