Custom Denim Is Gaining Popularity

With people being a different shape and a different size these days, certain brands are not for everyone. For example, there could be 3 ladies who are a size 28, but each of them would be a different shape. One might have long legs, one might have bigger hips and the other might have larger thighs, however they are still all the same size. This is why I think custom denim is gaining in popularity. With custom denim, you can literally tailor the jeans to suit your body shape, no matter what it looks like. You can input your measurements as well as your preferences and choose everything, even down to the stitching and pocket embellishment.

I got a pair of INDiCustom Denim jeans last year (above) and it was such a fun process! Sometimes with denim brands I have trouble with the waist being a bit too tight and the thighs are sometimes too loose or the calf area is always too loose on a regular standard skinny. That’s why I usually pick ankle peg jeans or jeggings, so they fit tight. My INDi jeans fit very well though, the calf area is not too tight and not too loose and they fit in the thighs as well as the waist. It really helps when you are able to put your body measurements and shape into the form that you fill in while creating your jeans.

So, if you do struggle finding a pair of jeans to fit you perfectly, you might want to go down the custom denim route! INDi Custom now offer coloured denim as well as their classic blues and whites and I think you will be able to find a perfect pair of jeans, tailored to suit your body shape! You can read my review on these jeans here and you can head on over to the INDiCustom website by clicking here. This custom tailoring is for both men and women, so guys you are not left out either!