Den.M Bar Part 2

I give you part two of my Den.m Bar experiencethe fitting (for part 1 go here). It was a short and simple process, but none the less a fun experience. As you can see in the photos, they brought my pants out almost finished, but not quite, which I found interesting because it gave you an idea of how jeans are constructed. I tried on my jeans in the the fitting room, pinning the waistband to my liking and headed out to be tailored by Zach once again.

Please click this post to view all of the images and information on the process.

He started from the top pulling the jeans in all the right places and pinning them so that they fit how I like them to. He worked his way down, tapering in the legs so that they are ultra slim and eventually hemming them up to be somewhat of a cigarette jean. Yes, Den.M Bar only has a few shapes to choose from, but those are just the standard shapesonce you go in for a fitting you can customize the fit to your liking, i.e. a cigarette jean, a longer bunchy jean, tighter fit etc. I was so excited to learn this because my short legs will never fit properly into a cigarette jean so I customized mine to be a little shorter.

They also told me to bring the shoes I would normally wear with the jeans to make sure they were the right length, so I brought my heels and flats so I could have the freedom to wear them with both.

After everything was all said and done, we went over his notes to make sure everything was what I wanted and I was on my way. They said the turn around time isn’t long at all so I should be hearing from them any day now. Stay tuned for part 3 where you can see the final productÔǪI can’t wait!