Denim Review: 7 For All Mankind Gummy Gwenevere Denim Leggings In Indigo

This weeks review is on the 7 For All Mankind Gummy Gwenevere leggings in Indigo. I am absolutely in love! These are my favourite jeans from the brand and I have them in grey as well. I can’t get enough of them! I wear them as often as I can!

The denim is really amazing. It’s like nothing I have ever felt before, it’s a really stretchy, really soft and smooth fabric. It’s like denim spandex but so much softer and gentle on the skin which I love as I am irritated by some fabrics. The fit is perfect, it’s their classic Gwenevere cut which is a super skinny ankle peg jean with a low rise. It’s my favourite cut from 7 For All Mankind as it fits me the best. The pocket placement is wonderful as well. They are in the right place on the butt and they are very flattering. I also really like the colour! It’s a lot more blue than most denim and that’s what makes them stand out.

I took a size 27 and I am normally a 27/28 in 7 For All Mankind jeans. Since they are super stretchy you can easily get away with sizing down if you want to or staying true to size if you like them a touch looser. The comfort level of these is really astonishing, I could literally work out in them all day if I wanted to, they are like the denim version of sweat pants. They are definitely one of my favourite denim leggings out there. I love the way they fit like second skin.

I found out this information from 7 For All Mankind about their Gummy denim and wanted to share it with you.

To create its Second Skin collection, 7 For All Mankind worked with the best mills on the planet to develop exclusive fabrics – the result of years of research and trial. The mill experimented with everything from the type of yarn used to the rate of elastic weft until it created the world’s best stretch fabrication. The resulting fabric – our exclusive Gummy Denim – was built to have elasticity in the weft direction. It is produced with elastomer yarns to avoid the fitting losses that affect skinny jeans from other sources. Because the weft stretch is so sensitive and fragile, the finishing process had to be modified; the innovative finishing process that resulted is highly confidential.

Exclusive fabrics like Gummy Denim, featuring up to 30% stretch (instead of the 10-15% stretch historically available in the market), are offered in an array of washes ranging from black to grey to classic indigo. These fabrics combine performance – super-stretch comfort and an extremely soft feel – with the visual characteristics and authentic construction of traditional twill denim. A true hybrid between jean and legging, Gummy Denim styles offer a feminine, flattering fit and extreme comfort – all with the sophisticated, sexy style for which 7 For All Mankind is known.

It’s definitely worked! I want more and more of their Gummy leggings! When you buy a pair you will know exactly what I mean about how comfy they are and stretchy as well as being one of the most flattering jeans.

Overall Opinion
I am in LOVE with these Gummy leggings so much! I wear them all the time and they are just so comfy and so flattering, they are perfect! They are one of the most versatile leggings out there, you can dress them up with heels or down with flats and they still look as gorgeous! I definitely recommend you to buy a pair, you will know exactly what I am talking about and just how wonderful they are! Buy these jeans at Shopbop for $170.

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Images courtesy of Lorna/DenimBlog (please credit if used) and jeans courtesy of 7 For All Mankind.