Denim Review: AG Adriano Goldschmied The Stilt Jeans in 18 Years Damage

I got these AG Adriano Goldschmied The Stilt jeans in 18 Year Damage a couple of weeks ago and I fell in love with them. I have always loved how they looked on Heather Locklear, the wash looked so pretty, the distressing looked perfect and since they were skinnies that was a bonus. I can tell you I wasn’t disappointed when I got them! They definitely met my expectations.

One thing I love about AG Jeans is how authentic their washes are. They spend time and care on getting them just right, their whiskering looks just like it would on a very old and used pair of jeans, their distressing is done so well that it passes off as real and it looks really good, each of their jeans are numbered so they are all unique and individual, their fit (which I will talk about more in a moment) is always fantastic too! I really do love AG Jeans and I only have 2 pairs!

These Stilt jeans have a really good fit for me, the rise is just about right, it’s not too low and it’s not too high which I love, the back pocket placement is also extremely flattering, you can tell they have taken time to get it just right as the pockets sit on the butt in the right places. They have also made these jeans nice and slim all the way down but still being very fitted and flattering. The inseam is also not too long, I often find myself with a lot of stacking at the ankles or having to hem my jeans but with these I get neither which is great!

The thing I love most about these jeans is the 18 Years Damage wash. I’m obsessed with looking at how pretty the faded light/medium blue shade of the denim is and it’s just set off perfectly with the whiskering, it’s in the exact places it should be and it’s faded just right to make it look authentic. The distressing I also love to bits, it’s done with such care that it looks like it wont blow out or rip and it will stay looking worn in for the rest of the jeans life span. The wash for some reason looks darker in my photos than it actually is, I would say my pair are a little more darker than Heather’s and the outside modeled photos are a better representation of the wash rather than the laid down images inside.

I do still need to break these jeans in a bit as this is only my second time wearing them. They are still a bit stiff in the waist and butt area at the moment. The denim used for these jeans is of really good quality. You know when you touch a jean, you can just tell that it’s made of amazing denim? These are just like that, they have that slightly coarse woven denim feel to them, that little bit of graininess. I’m always impressed with how much detail and time goes in to making an AG Jean. I would say, even though they are a lot of money, if you are a denim enthusiast, it’s definitely worth the price tag investing in a pair.

Overall Opinion
If you are looking for a perfectly distressed and authentic looking light washed pair of skinny jeans then these are the pair you are looking for! They fit all the requirements of a worn in look Summer jean and the fit is perfect. Each pair is unique and that’s what makes them more valuable and special to each owner. I really love these jeans and I can’t wait to wear them more. I definitely recommend them, like I do with most of my jeans as I always love them, I don’t see the point in buying a pair I don’t like and wont wear haha. Buy these jeans at Revolve for $253.

You can view more photos and find out about the rest of my outfit that I am wearing with these pretty jeans on my personal blog Raindrops of Sapphire.

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Modeled photos

Images courtesy of Lorna/DenimBlog (please credit if used) and jeans courtesy of AG Jeans.