Denim Review: Diesel Nevy 8N5

This weeks review is on my new Diesel Nevy 8N5 skinny jeans. I was looking around trying to find these jeans for ages and find out what they were called. I found them first on but they only had a 32 leg online and no where else was stocking them. I finally found a pair in a 30 leg at a Diesel concession in Selfridges and I bought them right away. I have completely fallen in love with these jeans and I can’t get enough of them! I found out they are only available in the UK as the US didn’t buy them, so the only place I can recommend you to buy them is as they do international shipping.

I used to be a huge fan of Matic and I own it in a million different washes (slight exaggeration, haha) but I’m not too fond of the new Matic cut which is smaller in the waist and baggier in the calves, I preferred the older really slim fitting Matic so now I have found Nevy I am very happy! They are super slim all the way down, they have a lower rise just like Matic and even though the pockets are a different shape they are still extremely flattering. I find Nevy to be like a cross between Matic and Lowky when it comes to fit; slim fitting like Matic but they have Lowky style pockets. I like it that the button goes to one side as well. This pair I do find runs smaller, I took a size up compared to my normal Diesel size but I am finding a lot of the newer Diesel’s to be running smaller than they used to be. If you have Matic 8B3 then these Nevy 8N5 run the same as that but they are not rigid, they are 1% stretch so they are a little more forgiving.

The wash on these is what made me fall in love with these jeans actually, it’s absolutely amazing. It’s such a pretty blue but underneath that it has a gorgeous violet undertone. The purple shows through the lighter areas of the jeans really well, like the rips and distressing, those come out really purple! Especially in the sunlight, I love it! The whole inside of these jeans including the tag and pocket lining is also purple, it’s so cute! They have little purple pointy studs and rivets, a purple button, a purple Diesel tab on the back patch and petty honeycombs at the back of the knees. I can’t even explain how beautiful this wash is in person, there are so many little details to it that I love and it’s also a wash that has so much depth and character to it!

There isn’t one thing that I don’t like about these jeans, I love every inch of them. I know Diesel are not the comfiest of jeans as I am very used to Jeggings now but the fit and wash overrides all of that! I find these jeans really fun and really slim fitting which is perfect and I can’t wait to wear them more! I’ve already worn them twice since I got them and they have quickly become a favourite of mine along with 81M and 61X. Now I have 3 favourite Diesel washes along with a tonne of others that I really like! I still wish they would make a Matic or Nevy 61X though, I would be all over that jean in an instant! Please Diesel, grant my wish!

Overall Opinion
These Diesel Nevy 8N5 jeans are perfect! The wash is stunning and even prettier in sunlight and the fit is so slim and so flattering, especially down the legs and the butt. The pocket placement I find really nice as well, it’s always the first thing I look for in a jean, if it doesn’t fit right on the butt then I wont buy them. The pockets make the biggest difference and this Nevy cut really works for me! I find the Liv cut to not be very flattering on myself but on others it’s beautiful so I am glad this Nevy works well. I can safely say that the ┬ú160 (including shipping) I spent on these is definitely money well spent! Buy these jeans at for ┬ú150.

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