Denim Review: Frankie B. My BFF Legging With Lace

For this weeks denim review I decided to do Frankie B. My BFF Denim Leggings With Lace in Black Fusion. These jeans have the classic Frankie B. fit; very flattering on the butt and low rise. They are very very stretchy, just like real leggings and made of lightweight denim. They have lace/mesh all the way down the front of the legs which you can see in the detailed close ups. The lace is held in place with stitching around the holes. I think they are very pretty and make an interesting jean. I really like the way these leggings look, they are perfect for dressing up with heels and going out to dinner. I definitely recommend them if you are looking for a different style jean. They have a 7″ rise and about a 31″ inseam. The only thing that upsets me a bit is I have super sensitive skin so the lace can feel a bit itchy on my thighs but that’s the issue you get with a lot of fabrics if you have sensitive skin like me, other than that issue the jeans are wonderful and very pretty! Buy these jeans at Frankie B. for $171.

Overall Opinion
These jeans are very classy, great for dressing up and wearing to the more smarter dinners but they are so versatile they would look very cute with some flats and a tunic. Definitely a must buy!

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Full laid down front image of the jeans so you can see how they look unworn.

Full laid down back shot of the jeans so you can see the pocket placement, how skinny they are and how they might fit.

Close up photo of the beautiful, classic Frankie B. engraved button.

Close up image of the back pockets and stitching. They have very good pocket placement and a low back rise.

Close up picture of the Frankie B. leather patch; very pretty and beautiful.

Close up angle of the lace/mesh on the thigh; you can see the stitching holding it in place.

Close up modeled photo of them modeled on the thighs. The jeans stretch out over your legs which shows more and more of the lace so the tighter the jeans, the more lace will be on show (like the stock photo at the top).

Another close up modeled angle against a white background.

Even more close up modeled image so you can see the exact detail on the lace.

Images courtesy of Lorna/ (please credit if used) and jeans courtesy of Frankie B.