Denim Review: J Brand Houlihan Skinny Ankle Zip Cargo Pants in Vintage Olive wash

Hilary Duff Maintains the Blonde

I never expected to fall completely in love with these J Brand Houlihan Cargo Pants in Vintage Olive! I just got them last week and I have worn them lots already. I had never been a fan of cargo pants since I didn’t really class them as feminine but after seeing these pants on lots of celebs it really changed my mind. I haven’t seen them look bad on anyone yet and so many celebrities are a fan of them! They have really taken the fashion world by storm.

These Houlihan cargo pants are made of Japanese Twill so they are super soft! I had no idea they would be so stretchy and soft against the skin though, I assumed they would be quite rigid and more stiff since they were a cargo pant but I was completely wrong! They are the most comfiest pants I have ever tried and they are extremely stretchy, I love that about them. The fit is also perfect, it’s so feminine and pretty, they are really slim down the legs and even though they only have flaps for the back pockets they are suprisingly flattering on the butt.

I love the way they have long ankle zips just like a skinny jean, it’s nice they still keep that element as it’s unusual on a cargo pant. The leg pocket placement is also perfect, I love the positioning of them, they are just in the right place to keep your legs looking slim. they also have moto style stitching on the knees as you can see and I think that makes them look really good. The colour as well is so pretty, it’s like a dusty khaki green and it matches almost everything. These pants come in 5 other colours as well as this Vintage Olive shade. I really want to buy them in grey and black! I can see myself living in these Houlihan pants for a while. I find they beat my motto of not being feminine because they are super skinny and they look really really good with heels.

So I’m really loving J Brand’s take on the cargo pants and I honestly can’t wait to try more! The cargo pants seem to be a huge trend right now and I really like it! These are just too beautiful to pass up and if you don’t think they will be very flattering or comfy then you are very mistaken, they are gorgeous!

Overall Opinion
I absolutely, 100%, recommend these J Brand Houlihan Cargo Pants! They are the most softest pants I have ever tried and they are so comfy because of how stretchy they are. They are also incredibly flattering and feminine if you pair them with heels or wedges and a pretty top. You definitely wont be disappointed buying these! Buy these cargo pants at Boutique to You.

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