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Denim Review: James Jeans Skinny Cargos

This weeks review is on another pair of cargo pants. James Jeans Twiggy cargos in Cappuccino. I think this is my last cargo pant review for a while, I don’t have anymore, haha!

This is the first time I have tried James Jeans and I never knew what to expect. Normally when I am not familiar with a brand, I’m either really pleasantly suprised or not that bothered. These James Jeans cargos are not my favourite pair but I do like them. They are very very soft and incredibly stretchy like legging material. They are a very simple pair with only 2 pockets on the side of the knees and no zips or anything like that.

I do really like the simplicity of these cargos, I think it’s nice as you can then wear a more printed top or bolder shoes without having too much going on. The colour is also a nice muddy and dark brown, a lot different to the normal greens. Since I have never tried James Jeans before, I can’t comment how they run but I took my regular size that I take in most brands.

Since these cargo pants are so simple there isn’t much I can say about them except they are very cute and easily wearable. The softness and stretchiness really makes them comfortable and they are great if you want a pair of cargo pants that are not to in your face or if you are looking to jump on the trend but trying to keep it as casual as possible. Buy these cargo pants at James Jeans for $172.

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Jeans courtesy of James Jeans.