Denim Review: Rich & Skinny Cargo Leggings In Aloe

I absolutely love these Rich & Skinny skinny cargo leggings in Aloe! They are my new favourite cargo pants of the season! I have worn them out 3 times already and each time I got a compliment on them. I’m really excited to be reviewing them for you all!

I wanted to start off with the fit of these cargo leggings. It’s super skinny all over, the rise is a perfect height, the inseam is not too long, it’s just long enough to give me that slight bunching at the ankles. The back pockets are also really flattering, I didn’t think they would be as they are square and normally I’m really picky about the shape of them but these work perfectly! They do run a bit bigger than the denim version of these but a bit smaller than regular Rich & Skinny jeans, I took a size up from my normal Rich & Skinny size.

The material that these cargo pants are made from is gorgeous too! It’s a mixture of lyocell, cotton and spandex. It’s the perfect blend as it makes them SO soft and incredibly stretchy. They are also really light weight as well so they don’t make you sweaty and you can stay comfortable in them. This material is also really good as it doesn’t stretch out much and get saggy. Although the fabric is incredibly stretchy if you pull it, it keeps it’s shape and remains a good fit. I love that!

The wash is also really pretty! It’s a lot lighter and refreshing, unlike most of the cargo pants this season which are darker in colour like browns, dark greens and blacks, these are the perfect shade of light green. I do still love the darker shades, it’s just nice to have a change. They really give them that light and airy feeling which is perfect for the warmer weather and it brightens up the outfit as it’s not a dull green. I really do love the colour of them!

Lastly, I wanted to focus on the aesthetics of the cargos. I adore the 3 button fly which is visible! It’s a really unique touch to the pants and I think it adds a lot of detail to them. Also, my other favourite thing about these is that the pockets are on the front of the legs instead of being on the sides. I actually find this to be really catchy on the eye, it adds a lot of character to the pants without being too much and it’s not unflattering at all, it’s really cute having them so visible! I love it!

Overall I love these cargo pants so much! I’m going to be wearing them until they wear out! If you want a lighter wash, more feminine cargo pant for Summer then I would definitely recommend these! They feel a lot more girly and cute than the darker tones I am used to. The fit is perfect as I mentioned and I genuinely love everything about them! You can buy them at Rich & Skinny for $172! They are definitely worth the money! Please check out all of the images in the gallery below!

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Jeans courtesy of Rich & Skinny.