Denim Review: Rich & Skinny Denim Cargo Leggings

UPDATE – I have updated this review with better photos because the original ones were not very good. The lighting was bad and they were not very clear. The original post was made on the 11th June 2010 in case you were wondering.

This weeks denim review from me is for the brand new Rich & Skinny cargo denim leggings. I got these 2 weeks ago and they are so cute!! I fell in love with them when I saw them in their Fall 2010 Look Book that I published a while ago. I had to have them as I am loving the cargo pant trend and having a pair of denim ones I really like the idea of. I hope to be reviewing more denim cargos soon too!

I found these denim cargos run quite small, I’m normally a 26/27 in Rich & Skinny and these leggings are a 27 and super tight in the waist, I would definitely prefer to size up to a 28 with these. I know it’s always really hard to judge your sizing in jeans, they vary from pair to pair so much! It all depends on the denim and it’s stretch factor as well.

Putting the sizing issue aside, I find these cargo leggings to be really hot! They are of denim legging material so they are extremely stretchy and soft, they mold to your body shape and fit really snug. They have 3 buttons at the waist band to add to that cargo feel and the pocket placement on the legs is in a great place, I think they are perfectly positioned. I really like that they are on the front of the legs instead of on the side, that makes them quite unique.

The wash is also a rich, deep, dark blue, it’s gorgeous! It has such a depth to it and it looks really premium. Some washes on jeans you can get and they don’t look very nice or they look a little cheap. This wash doesn’t look cheap at all, it looks like it has a lot of strength in the colour and boldness to it. The back pockets are also really nice, they are quite different to the normal Rich & Skinny pockets as they have flaps on but they are still very pretty. They also have the trademark R on the bottom of the back pocket but it’s a very dark blue. I find the copper coloured hardware on these jeans really matches the wash beautifully, it stands out and I like that as well!

I’m doing a new layout for the reviews now to help them load faster, 1 main images and then the rest are gallery images so you can select which photos you want to view or scroll through them. If I don’t do it this way I will put them with a more button so you can click the post and view every image. I don’t want to take up the whole of the DenimBlog front page with my reviews, haha.

Overall Opinion
I’m definitely not disappointed with these Rich & Skinny cargo leggings at all, they are just as I expected them to be! Flattering, soft, stretchy and very pretty. If you love these as much as I do and want to get a pair then I definitely recommend sizing up one size from your normal Rich & Skinny sizing. I want more of these cargos in different washes! Especially the Aloe wash which we are running a contest for right now! I’m not sure when this particular wash will be available but I will definitely keep you informed!

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