Denim Review: Siwy Madeline Shorts In Lilt

I’m going to be doing 2 reviews again this week as I missed doing one last week. The first review is on the Siwy Madeline shorts in Lilt wash. I have never tried Siwy shorts before, well in fact I have never really tried Siwy jeans that much, even though I love the washes, they were just a brand I hadn’t gotten around to yet. However, since I got these shorts 2 weeks ago from Michelle, I am in love!! I know I seem to love all of my jeans that I review, but I really do, I love denim so much and I have figured out over the years what works for me and what doesn’t.

These shorts are beautiful! They are not too tight in the legs, they have the perfect amount of room in the butt area, they have the classic Siwy pockets which make them so unique, the wash is very pretty, I love the blue of it, I really like the way the printed pocket lining hangs out from underneath as well, that’s so cute! Everything about these shorts is great! If you are a huge Siwy fan then you will love them or if you are just starting out with siwy, I definitely think you should give these shorts a go! I’ve worn them 3 times already since the weekend, the weather has warmed up so much here.

So many celebs are a fan of Siwy, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Bilson just to name a few! Vanessa was even spotted in these shorts a few weeks ago.

Overall Opinion
If you are looking for the perfect pair of shorts for Summer then these could be the ones! They are so comfortable, so pretty and really easy to wear, they match almost everything and have really deep pockets which is a bonus. I definitely think they are a must have for the warmer weather! Buy these shorts at Singer22 for $164.

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Modeled photos

Images courtesy of Lorna/DenimBlog (please credit if used) and shorts courtesy of Siwy Denim.