DenimBlog Exclusive: Genetic Denim Interview

DenimBlog got the chance to interview Ali, the founder and creative director of the wonderful brand Genetic Denim. During the interview he talks about his inspiration behind the brand, his designs and more! Keep reading.

genetic denim interview

DB: What inspired you the most when creating your brand?
Finding my voice.

DB: What has been your favourite memory/experience since Genetic Denim was founded?
The first time I saw a girl and a guy wearing my jeans on the street. There’s no better feelingÔǪ

DB: Do you have a favourite cut you have designed?
The Shane, which is our cigarette/legging jean with faux front pockets. We were the first to do a cigarette jean with “faux front” pockets. I’ve always been about clean silhouettes and removing the front pocket bags differentiated the style form all the other cigarette jeans that were out there.

DB: How many pairs of jeans do you own?

DB: How did you come up with the name ‘Genetic Denim’?
Going on a nationwide tour I realized that your genetic composition, your DNA, is what makes you different and unique in this world. Clothes are just a reflection of how you feel on any given day. So I wanted a name that empowers the person and wears our jeans proudly. A person that walks with a swagger, a mutually beneficial relationship between the wearer and our jeans in which they both compliment each other.

DB: What Genetic cut has been the most popular overall?
The Shane. It’s the one jean that is transitional form day to night. It’s a canvas that gives you creative autonomy to pair with heels flats and any top and it always looks good and fresh.

DB: What is your latest collection about?
My Spring 2010 collection is about a sensorial aesthetic. It plays on the sense of touch. It’s all about feeling and sensuality. It’s about fabrication.

DB: Are there any new trends coming out next season that we should be keeping an eye out for?
We are doing denim hoodies and denim sweatpants which we’ve gotten a great response form. A loose fitting comfortable jean that is still feminine and stylish.

DB: The boyfriend jeans trend has been a huge hit this season, will we be seeing anymore of this trend from you?
NO! We’ve been doing a slouchy cigarette called The Davis which is our rendition of the boyfriend. It’s loose on the top and tapers into a cigarette. Same affect but sexier.

DB: What is the best feature of Genetic Denim (fit, wash, pockets etc)?
The fit and fabric. Our fabrics are our point of differentiation from other brands. We are known to have the softest fabrics in the game. They are super lightweight and soft. Going back to the sense of touch. It’s almost an auto-erotic experience when you try on a pair of Genetic Denim because of the hand-feel.

DB: We all love denim, but what is it that makes denim so important to you?
It’s the only article of clothing that transcends seasons and borders. It’s truly a timeless article of clothing.

DB: What are your denim predictions for next season?
I don’t know – we don’t do trend forecasting. If anything we look at them to see what we shouldn’t do.

DB: Tell us a bit more about your brand?
For me the pulse of fashion is on the streets. I think it starts there and works its way up into design houses. So, I spent an entire year traveling in a u-haul from NY to Texas in search of the perfect fitting jeans, a guerilla style grass roots marketing ploy. I interviewed 26000 women on their likes and dislikes of other brands. I compiled all that info and started Genetic Denim. I saw all different ages, races and body types so I was able to understand a women’s body and what they are looking for in a pair of jeans.

DB: What makes your brand so different from the others out there?
Our fabrics. They are soft and feel like your second skin. If you look at a lot of the celebs that wear our jeans, they are photographed at the airport, which goes to show that they travel in them because they’re so comfortable but yet sexy. We pride ourselves on it, soft fabric with a great fit is an amazing combo.

DB: Lastly is there anything else you would like to add that we haven’t asked you?
No, I think you covered it all.